New Lubricants: Reduces Friction for Cable Pulling
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Machinery Tracker: Via Radio Frequency
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Drywall: Screw Driving System
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Framing Saw: Integrated f.a.s.t. Dust Blower
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Drill/Driver: Single Sleeve Ratcheting Chuck
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wo new lubricants are added to the manufacturer's line of wire and cable pulling products. The lubricants' synthetic formulations help advance the properties of the compound, reducing friction for easier pulling. Both lubricants are nontoxic and nonstaining. They have greater clingability that coats the wires and conduit evenly, creating maximum lubricity, the maker says. The new line includes the waxed-based Premium Synthetic Wax wire pulling lubricant, designed for general electrical and utility projects. The Premium Synthetic Polymer, a new type of polymer/glycol-based lube, is for electrical, telecommunications and data applications. he ST-500 is a radio service tracker to help managers of aggregate, construction and other companies know what's being accomplished at every jobsite. The tracker transmits the hours that each backhoe, excavator, bulldozer and other machinery is in use, along with various service alerts, by radio frequency to an on-site radio tower. The tower interfaces with a PDA hand-held data collector, or directly to a computer. when combined with the SD4500 screwdriver and Hilti's collated screws, the new SMD57 drywall screw magazine becomes a high-performing screw driving system for fastening gypsum drywall board on walls and ceiling, framing and fastening drywall track and studs as well as attaching wood roof decking to metal trusses. By minimizing jamming, transport malfunctions and lost screws, the SMD 57 eases the fastening of collated screws to help save time and increase productivity on the job site. An ergonomic design and short magazine offer better working comfort. eighing 8 lb, this new Fuego 61/2-in. compact framing saw, model R3203, is 25% less than its competitors, the maker says. Built with Mg Magnesium upper and lower blade guards, this feature contributes to the saw's lighter weight and endurance. The R3203 is also equipped with a 12-amp motor running at 6,100 rpm and a high-strength, ultra-light composite shoe that is designed to withstand up to a one-story drop. An ergonomic wrap-around soft grip handles decreases vibration and lessens user fatigue. he compact DC750KA is an upgraded heavy-duty 3/8-in. 9.6V cordless drill/driver that provides electricians, trim carpenters, woodworkers, HVAC professionals and installers with increased performance and improved ergonomics when drilling and fastening on multiple jobs. This 3.4-lb drill/driver, which replaces model DW926K-2, features an anti-slip rubber grip and a single sleeve ratcheting chuck that helps prevent bits from slipping. It also has a 15-position clutch and a dual speed range of 0-300 rpm/0-1,100 rpm.