Test Drive: Rubber Tracks Go Almost Anywhere
I ASV Inc.; 800-346-5954;www.asvi.com

Super Induction Transmitter: Versatile
TRidge Tool Company; 800-769-7743; www.ridgid.com

Spiral Saw: For Professional Performance
T RotoZip; 877-ROTOZIP (768-6947); www.RotoZip.com

Truck Cover: Weather Resistant
T DiamondBack Truck Covers; 800-935-4002; www.diamondbackcovers.com

Interior Laser: Provides Enhanced Visibility
T Topcon Positioning Systems; 925-245-8300;www.topconpositioning.com t takes less than 10 minutes to master the simple, go-anywhere Scout, but your ears might be ringing for awhile longer. Just about the only thing that shields the diesel engine and hydrostatics from the standard, two-seat open cab is a thin plastic hood. It snaps off for easy oil-changing, but makes for a rattlesome ride. Still, the Scout's super-low ground pressure of 2.5 psi, silky-smooth suspension, 50-hp Perkins and payload capacity of 4,000 lb should be music to the ears of anyone who needs to venture into rugged terrain. The nimble Scout fits on a standard skid-steer trailer, clips along at 11.5 mph, climbs steep grades and plows through mud like a tank, but leaves behind hardly a trace. An optional 1-cu-yd dump box has a handy tailgate-release lever next to the driver's seat. It starts at $24,995 and offers other options, including a quieter, heated cab. he new RIDGID ST-33Q super induction transmitter is designed to induce a stronger signal onto a utility line at a lower frequency. When used in induction mode, the ST-33Q induces at 8 kHz and 33 kHz, and can provide over eight times the current on the target utility than other 5-W and 10-W transmitter on the market, manufacturer says. he RotoZip RZ02 Spiral Saw is ideal for cutting drywall, wood, countertops, wall tile, metal and plastics. Built around a 5.0-amp, 120-v motor, the saw powers 30,000 rpm to accomplish a broad range of cutting applications. A specially designed cord guard reduces downtime and enhances durability. Extra internal ribbing provides structural support, and an improved shaft lock design makes bit changes faster and easier. A dust sealed switch and adjustable foot for cutting material up to 1 in. thick are also included. he new Standard Edition cover, a no-drill, versatile, aluminum alloy truck bed cover, offers a load-bearing surface capable of carrying up to 400 lb of cargo. Weighing only 70 to 90 lb, the SE is easy to install, requiring no drilling or installation of tracks. The unique three-panel design allows for access to either end of the truck bed, and locking mechanisms at both ends provide stability and security. All interior hardware is zinc-plated steel. he new RL-VH4G professional interior laser is equipped with new GreenBeam technology, which quadruples beam brightness for better visibility, even in direct sunlight says the manufacturer. Other features include extended battery operation, electronic slope and alignment control, horizontal, vertical, plumb and 90° beam versatility. The laser has a compact design, and a radio remote control, so that line-of-sight is not required. The package includes a height-adjustable wall mount for ceiling grid installations.