Products   06/01/2011
Tower Crane: Lifting for the City The Liebherr 85 EC-B 5 FR.tronic Flat-Top Crane has a maximum load capacity of 11,023 lb and can lift 2,866 lb at the jib end. It has a working maximum radius of 164 ft and is capable of lift heights of up to 853 ft. The “city crane” has a 10-ft by 10-ft base and features a versatile climbing-tower and pin system that allows it to be erected in an elevator shaft or other narrow space. Liebherr; 757-245-5251;
Underground Cable Reel: Recycled Plastic Hendrix Wire & Cable is now offering a Heavy-Duty Plastic Reel for the transportation of underground cable. The reel is made with recycled materials and can hold most standard cut lengths of underground cable. Hendrix Wire & Cable; 603-673-2040;
Welding Wire Feeder: Adjustable Feed Speeds The LN-25 Pipe and LN-25 Ironworker are wire feeders designed for welding work in pipelines and ironworking. The feeders are rated to handle up to 450 amps at 60% duty cycle and feature dual-range wire feed speeds for greater precision at lower speeds. Lincoln Electric; 216-481-8100;
Moisture Control: Durable Wall Membrane StoEnergy Guard is a wall cladding designed to form a waterproof air barrier on steel-frame, wood-frame and concrete-block wall systems. An optional Sto DrainScreen ensures any moisture buildup is channeled outside. Sto Corp.; 800-221-2397;