Products   05/18/2011
Gas-Powered Asphalt Router: Repairs Cracks The Cimline PCR-30 is a gas-powered asphalt router with a built-in anti-kickback system to prevent backward movement during use. It is powered by a 30-hp Kolher engine, and its two-piece roller drum is balanced on heavy-duty roller bearings. The PCR-30’s Cut Control option allows for the cut depth to be set and preserved even when moving between cracks. Cimline; 800-328-3874;
Pipe-Fusion Preparation: Remotely Operated Rack System The MegaMc PolyHorse is a pipe-handling system designed to speed installation of 20-in. to 40-in. polyethylene pipe. The powered pipe stands allow for a single operator to position pipe sections for fusion. The inclined rack gradually feeds pipe toward a fusion machine along powered tracks. The PolyHorse also holds the pipe in place during the fusion process, eliminating the need for heavy equipment to steady the segment. Pipe position can be adjusted 24 in. laterally and 34 in. vertically for proper alignment with the pipe-fusion machine. McElroy; 918-831-9287;
Hydraulic Hacksaw: Works in Hazardous Environments The CS Unitec Model 5 1220 0050 Portable Hydraulic Hacksaw features a blade stroke of 2⅜ in. and can cut up to 24-in.-dia pipe at 90� in a single pass. The saw can be used underwater and when atmospheric conditions are hazardous. It weighs only 13.5 lb. It is powered by a 3.8-hp motor with a hydraulic oil pressure of 2,000 psi. Blade lengths range from 8 in. to 36 in., and the saw works with manual and automatic feed clamps for pipes up to 24 in. in diameter. CS Unitec; 800-700-5919;
Reusable Hole Covering: Watertight Seal for Cored Floors The Hole Solution is a temporary, reusable covering for holes in jobsite floors. The plastic cover is OSHA-compliant and available in diameters of 2 in. to 9 in. in half-inch increments. The cover fits snugly into the hole, requires no tools for installation and can be pried up using a screwdriver. The Hole Solution features a polyethylene foam liner that forms a watertight seal on the hole, and it is usable in temperatures from -20�F to 120�F. Buildings and Matters; 888-233-7576;