Products   03/09/2011
Lightweight Chop Saw: Ergonomic Handle The PC14CTSD 15-amp Chop Saw has a 3,800-rpm motor and is able to cut through tough materials including cast-iron pipe, angle iron, threaded rod, conduit and square tubing. An ergonomic D-shaped handle makes for smoother cuts, and it has a heavy-duty guard and an adjustable spark deflector. The blade features 45° of mitre adjustment and a quick-release clamp. The chop saw weighs only 35.2 lb, allowing for easy transport to and around the jobsite. Porter-Cable; 888-848-5175;
Scissor Lifts: New Heights Genie has introduced three new models of its Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts. The 69-in.-wide lifts are available in 26-ft, 33-ft and 40-ft models. All the models are capable of driving at full height and feature larger worker spaces than Genie’s previous 68-in. scissor lifts. A standard active-oscillating front axle is designed to keep all four wheels on the ground during operation, providing more control while climbing hills or avoiding obstacles. Genie Industries; 800-536-1810;
Erosion-Control Mat: Allows for Dense Vegetation EcoTrans is an erosion-control transition mat intended as a replacement for riprap. The mat is made of 100% recycled plastic and can be densely vegetated. It is intended to be used over a turf-reinforcement mat and sod anchored to the topography of the site. The mat’s design allows for more than 50% of open area for vegetation growth. EcoTrans is intended for areas of high hydraulic stress, including culvert outfalls, overflow structures, stream banks and bridge drains as well as levee and shoreline protection. Landmark Earth Solutions; 888-574-6473;
Utility And Pipe Locator: Improved Noise Reduction The Radiodetection RD7000+ Utility and Pipe Locator features improvements over the RD7000 line, including dynamic overload protection to improve performance in electronically noisy areas. Another new feature is a digital compass that can map the orientation of underground utilities. The RD7000SL+ model is designed specifically for the construction industry, with a broad range of standard frequencies. Radiodetection; 877-247-3797;