Products   02/23/2011
Concrete Mixer Chassis: Increased Hauling Capacity Freightliner Trucks and McNeilus Co. have introduced the 114SD SFA, a bridge-formula mixer chassis with a lightweight aluminum cab and a 29.5-in. bumper-to-front-axle setting to maximize concrete hauling capacity. The chassis comes with a 10.5-cu-yd McNeilus Bridgemaster Transit Mixer, allowing for a 36-ft bridge with a 66,000-lb vehicle gross-weight rating. The 114SD is suited for severe duty conditions, with a large selection of wheelbases with frame and frame reinforcements. Freightliner Trucks; 503-745-8000;
Pocket Weather Meter: Monitors Concrete Curing The Kestrel 4300 Construction Weather Meter is designed for instant measurement of ambient conditions at the site of a concrete pour. The pocket-sized weather meter features integrated Bluetooth data transfer to instantly send weather data to a laptop or smart phone. Kestrel Pocket Weather Meters; 800-784-4221;
Aerial Work Platform: New Model JLG recently has expanded its LiftPod line of aerial work platforms with the FS60. The new model features casters on its back wheels for improved mobility and a 30-in. base, allowing it to fit through doorways, hallways and even larger elevators. The platform has a 12-ft working height and a 6-ft standing height. The FS60 is powered by an 18-volt drill or an optional power pack. JLG Industries; 877-554-5438;
Brick-And-Mortar Saw Blades: Narrow Cuts Arbortech has introduced new head-joint and heritage blades for its AS170 Brick and Mortar Saw, which is designed for cleaning out narrow joints. The head-joint blades have a cutting depth of 31/8-in. and are intended for cleaning out vertical mortar joints. The heritage blades have a cutting width of only 1/8-in. and are well suited for cleaning out the narrow lime-mortar joints found in historic buildings. Arbortech; 866-517-7869;