Products   02/02/2011
VOC-FREE Ceramic Coating: Bonds Easily Eon Coat is a two-component ceramic coating that contains no VOCs and can be used on a wide variety of substrates. The corrosion-resistant coating can provide protection at temperatures up to 1,250�F. The coating is intended for industrial and commercial applications. It can withstand water pressure of 4,500 psi and steam over 380�F. Eon Coat can be used to convert existing spaces into wash-down areas. The ceramic coating bonds directly to substrates and does not require a primer. Eon Coat; 252-360-3110;
Strike-Free Wrench: Heavy-Duty Wright Tool has introduced new, strike-free wrenches for use in heavy-duty applications in which striking-face wrenches and cheater bars cannot be used. The strike-free wrenches are available in 2-ft and 3-ft handle sizes with 12-point wrench openings ranging in 17 sizes, from 1 in. to 2 in. diameters. Wright Tool; 800-321-2902;
Compact Rollers: Quieter The relaunched Hamm Compact Line of small asphalt rollers has received several improvements. The rollers are available in drum sizes from 31 in. to 54 in. and now feature quieter operation and increased power. Each roller offers a wider compaction width when operated in offset mode. All models in the Hamm Compact Line feature hydrostatic dual drum drive and automatic/manual vibration systems. Wirtgen America Inc.; 615-501-060;
Pump Priming System: Redesigned Thompson Pumps will introduce at ConExpo 2011 pumps with a new priming system that has oil-less vacuum technology. The OVT will be configured for new John Deere interim Tier 4 engines. The OVT’s non-contacting rotor design eliminates wear without oil. Thompson Pump; 800-767-7310;
Concrete Strength Testing: Non-Destructive The CTS-02 Concrete Tester and Surveyor is a non-destructive device for testing concrete strength. The device uses the waveform of impact force at the point of hammer contact and calculates the deterioration and delamination of the concrete. Data can be given as single points or a collection for surveying. Nitto Construction Co.; 847-776-2222;