Products   01/26/2011
Rotary Hammers: Lower Vibration Levels Bosch introduced three new Bulldog Rotary Hammers at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas earlier this month which incorporate Bosch’s Active Vibration Control. An air cushion built into the hammer mechanism and dampening elements in the grip area reduce vibration levels. The 11/8-in. RH328VC and RH328VCQ deliver 2.6 lb ft of impact energy, while the 11/4-in. RH432VCQ delivers 3.7 lb ft of impact energy. The hammers have three operational settings: rotary hammer, hammer-only and rotation-only. Bosch Power Tools; 877-267-2499;
Air Quality Monitor: Simultaneous Logging The AdvancedSense IAQ/HVAC Portable Data Collection Meter is designed for indoor air quality assessment. The AdvancedSense can be connected to up to 20 sensors simultaneously, and can measure specific VOCs and other gases. The meter can log data over time or take snapshots of air conditions. A built-in voice recorder allows for audio annotations to data files. Included Windows software allows for data download, analysis and report generation. GrayWolf Sensing Solutions; 203-402-0477;
Utility Vehicle Cab System: Fast Conversion The Curtis Rapid Convertible System is now available for the Kawasaki Teryx utility vehicle. The fully enclosed modular cab system features pin-to-slot connections and heavy-duty release latches with no tools required. The cab system can be converted from fully enclosed to open-air in 60 seconds. The panels are made of thermoplastic polyolefin material which offers low-temperature impact resistance. The cab components are available in black, and can be purchased either separately or as a complete cab. Curtis Industries; 800-343-7676;
Cleaning and Thawing Systems: Trailer-Mounted Sioux Mobile Cleaning and Thawing Systems are self-contained systems that can be used for melting ice dams as well as thawing valves, culverts, hydrants, piping systems and drains. The mobile cleaning systems can be used to remove oil and grease from equipment, thaw aggregate for concrete production and accelerate pre-cast concrete curing. Sioux cleaning and thawing systems can be configured to suit the job. Sioux Corp.; 888-763-8833;