Products   12/22/2010
Inspection Camera: Well-Lit Views The QuickView inspection camera features an integrated lamp and refractor for clear views of targets up to 32 ft away. Designed for pipeline and sewer inspection, the camera sports a pole-mounted, 3.6-in. video display with 16 GB of video and image storage on a micro SD card. An optional auxiliary wide-angle camera is available for manhole inspection.
Envirosight; 866-936-8476;
Tile Cutter: Cuts Wet and Dry The DWC860W 43/8-in. Wet and Dry Hand Tile Cutter can cut into many types of stone. The portable cutter has a 45� bevel capacity for a variety of different cuts and is powered by a 10.8-amp motor. DeWALT; 800-433-9258;
Diesel Generator: Digital Controller The Kohler 300-KW Diesel Generator is powered by a John Deere nine-liter Powertech E generator-drive engine. It features a standard digital controller interface, which features a built-in display and USB port for diagnostics and software updates. Noise-reducing and weather-resistant enclosures are available. Kohler Power Systems; 920-457-4441;
Waterproofing Mix: Designed for Shotcrete Designed for shotcrete walls, the Preprufe SCS Waterproofing System uses a composite membrane with post-injected grout. Grace Construction Products; 617-876-1400;
Asphalt Plant Filtration: Remove Impurities From Oils The Model VB10C Vector Series Heat Transfer Fluid Filtration System filters impurities down to 10 microns from hot oil or thermal fluid in asphalt plants with process fluid volumes of up to 1,500 gallons. Easily added to existing plants. Liquid Process Systems; 704-821-1115;