Products   11/24/2010
Automated Tool Cabinet: Keeping Track With Digital Images The Level 5 ATC Tool Control System features both keyless entry and a digital imaging system for tracking tools. A user scans his or her proximity ID card to open a tool drawer, and digital cameras mounted on top of the tool cabinet automatically captures a scan of the drawer’s contents. These images are sent to an administrator’s PC, which can review the images if a tool is misplaced. Each user’s card contains a unique ID code, and the storage unit keeps a detailed log of every access. Snap-On Industrial; 877-740-1900;
Flooring Adhesive: Low Permeability Vapor-Lock is a one-part urethane adhesive that can secure a wide range of hardwood flooring materials in light commercial and residential construction. The adhesive forms a vapor-retarding membrane and can be used to install wood flooring, ceramic tile, marble and stone inlays. Vapor-Lock can be used below grade, and it is able to bridge small cracks. It is VOC-free and qualifies for the relevant LEED credit. Bostik; 978-777-0100;
Hydrodemolition Robot: Improved Reach The Aqua Cutter 710V Hydrodemolition robot has been updated and is now capable of a vertical reach of up to 23 ft and a 13-ft operational width. It is able to work on horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces. Other improvements include a track with extensions in length and width for greater stability as well as an electric hybrid option for its diesel engine to save fuel. As with earlier models, the robot is designed with no electrical cables or sensors mounted on the front, reducing the risk of malfunction due to moisture. Aquajet Systems AB;
Accurate Surveying: Robotic Total Station Optical Aid The RC-4 Quick Lock remote system is designed to work with the Topcon QS 9-Series robotic total stations and the Topcon Imaging Station in surveying applications. The remotely operated device commands the station to begin searching for optical signals carried by laser, eliminating the chance of the system accidentally locking onto another prism or a reflective surface. Topcon Positioning Systems; 925-245-8300;