Products   11/17/2010
Tunnel-Digging Rig: Direct-Control System The Boomer XL3 D is a tunnel-digging rig that features direct control by the operator. Intended for large tunnels in civil projects, it can be fitted with a wide range of powerful rock drills for different rock conditions. The rig features a Tier 3 engine and a redesigned operator cabin that blocks lower overall noise levels. Atlas Copco; 413-746-0020;
Drill Driver: Subcompact Size The M12 Hammer Drill Driver is 75/8 in. long, weighs only 2.8 lb and is able to deliver 22.9-ft-lb of torque. The tool is powered by a 12V lithium-ion battery and has a metal gear housing. It is compatible with Milwaukee’s line of 12V lithium-ion tools. Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp.; 800-329-3878;
Diamond Chop Saw: Longer Blade Life The DW8500 Diamond-Edge Chop Saw Blade is able to cut metal with an abrasive wheel’s efficiency. The blade’s brazing allows it to be used with a conventional chop-saw to cut pipe, steel studs, angle iron, rebar and threaded rod. The diamond grit significantly extends the life of the blade. DeWALT; 800-433-9258;
Conduit Inlet: Pass Through Cast-in-Place Concrete The CSD embedded conduit inlet system allows for gas and water pipe passes through cast-in-place concrete. The inlets fit SLIPSIL plugs and have a collar that acts as both a water barrier and a fixed point within the concrete. The inlets are vibration-resistant. Beele Engineering;