Products   11/10/2010
More-Compact Mechanic’s Truck: New Model Fits Smaller Chassis Iowa Mold Tooling now offers its DSC12 Mechanic’s Truck Line for any Dodge or Ford 10,500-lb gross-vehicle-weight chassis and the DSC12S for 10,500-lb GVW Mercedes-Benz or Freightliner Sprinter chassis. The DSC12 weighs 1,700 lb and is the most compact model in the Dominator line. It can be fitted with a IMT 3203i electric telescopic crane. Iowa Mold Tooling Co.; 800-247-5958;
Hand-Held Nailer: Battery-Powered The M12 Palm Nailer is a small, cordless nailer powered by a lithium-ion battery. The tool can drive a 16D 31/2-inch nail in less than two seconds and can drive 100 nails on a single charge. Able to fit in tight spaces, the M12 has a magnetic collet to hold framing nails for one-handed use. Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp.; 800-729-3878;
Robotic Total Station: New Design Grants Greater Measurement Distances The SRX Series of robotic total stations features a redesigned auto-tracking system, a maximum reflector-less measurement range of 2,620 ft and a maximum measurement range of 19,680 with a single prism. Each SRX total station also has a 3.7-in. LCD touch screen that automatically adjusts its brightness to suit conditions. Sokkia; 800-476-5542;
Breaker Hammer: Less Vibration, More Power Than Previous Model The BH2760VC Brute Breakout Hammer provides greater impact energy and lower vibration levels than the earlier 11304 Brute. The hammer weighs only 54 lb and can deliver 68 ft-lb of impact energy. An air cushion built into the hammer mechanism reduces vibration. Bosch Power Tools; 877-267-2499;
Materials Handling: Telescopic Belt Conveyor Sports Semi-Trailer Mount The Telebelt TBS 130 is a telescopic belt conveyor for materials handling that features a semi-trailer mount. The mount allows for a tight turning radius and reduced axle loads. Materials placement does not rely on the chassis engine but rather on a built-in Tier 3 engine. Putzmeister America; 800-884-7210;