Products   10/20/2010
Redesigned Demolition Jaw: Box-Shaped Bites The CC3300 Hydraulic CombiCutter now is available with a box-shaped jaw that shears materials into shapes better suited for crusher plants; by cutting materials on three sides, the CC3300 prevents long pieces of rebar from slowing down the separation of recycled materials. The jaw allows higher-grade materials to be recycled, reducing the overall dust levels at a jobsite. Atlas Copco Construction Tools; 413-746-0020;
New Rotary Drill Heads: Prevent Low-Torque Start-ups XRH Rotary Heads for rotary drill rigs are capable of delivering up to 19,915 ft-lb of torque or a maximum 188 rpm and can handle a pullback force of 44,090 lb. The rotary heads work with multiple motors and seamlessly can switch from series to parallel operation. Boart Longyear; 801-972-6430;
Auto-Feed Screw Strips: Faster Fastening The PROPP150 Auto-Feed Screw-Driving System uses collated screw strips to fasten steel deck to structural steel. For increased comfort and productivity, the system allows for stand-up operation. Simpson Strong-Tie; 800-999-5099;
Steel Boom-Lift Hoods: Tougher Exterior Steel hoods now are standard equipment on the JLG 600S, 800S and 800A Engine-Powered Boom Lifts; they also are available as aftermarket replacements for other JLG boom-lift models. The steel hoods provide increased protection for internal components compared to hoods on earlier models, and they are much easier to repair. The paint on the hoods is designed to maintain its color over time and require less maintenance. JLG Industries Inc.; 877-554-5438;