Products   10/06/2010
High-Capacity Hydraulic Gantries: Smaller Footprint Than a Crane Enerpac Integrated Solutions is offering Hydrospex Hydraulic Gantries, which are capable of handling loads of 1,000 tonnes or more. Hydraulic gantries allow for the hoisting of heavy machinery—such as turbines, boilers, generators and earth-moving equipment—within a much smaller footprint than a crane. The gantries feature self-contained hydraulic systems and wireless control systems. They are available in the standard SL models as well as the heavy-duty SBL models with a 1,100-tonne capacity. Enerpac Integrated Solutions; 262-781-6600;
Interim Tier 4 Engines: Saving Fuel John Deere Power Systems’ diesel-fueled 174-plus-hp PowerTech PVX 6.8L and PowerTech PSX 6.8L engines have been certified by the EPA as compliant with Interim Tier 4 regulations. Rather than employ selective catalytic reduction, these engines use a cooled EGR and exhaust-filter method that provides a better overall fuel economy. John Deere; 800-537-8233;
Steam Generator: Faster Concrete Curing The Steam-Flo Steam Generator is a portable source of low-pressure steam that can be used to accelerate the concrete curing process in precast, pipes, prestress and block operations. The system also will keep the concrete hydrated, preventing cracking and dry-out. Sioux Corp.; 605-763-3333;
Redesigned Plow Attachment: Not Just for Snow Anymore The new line of Sno-Pro Tractor Blades can be used for more than snow removal. The front-end loader blades can be used for plowing other loose materials, and a 30� hydraulic angle allows for greater materials-handling versatility than normal bucket loaders. Curtis Industries; 800-343-7676;
Bolt Measurement: Check Hard-to-Reach Bolts The Boltight Echometer employs ultrasonic technology to measure bolt load and elongation. Monitoring bolts during tightening allows for confirmation of initial loading. The meter only requires access to one end of a bolt. The Echometer can be used during bolt installations as well as in maintenance. Boltight Ltd;
Versatile Lift: Four Different Configurations The T1000MH-2000 Quad Lifter can be employed in four different lifting configurations. Included accessories allow the Quad Lifter to be configured with a winch that has a 1,000-lb maximum lifting capacity, with forklift-style tines for a 2,000-lb lift capacity, as a man-lift and as a platform-supported panel lift. The Quad Lifter is designed to operate in rough terrain, allowing it to travel to work locations normally inaccessible to portable lifts. Man & Material Lift Engineering; 414-486-1760;
Field Controller: Rugged and Lightweight The Topcon FC-25 Series of field controllers have a rugged case that is dust-proof, waterproof and able to withstand damage from 5-ft drops. It only weighs 11.3 oz. and features a 3.5-in. touch screen as well as integrated wireless LAN and Bluetooth connectivity. The FC-25 sports a built-in 20-channel L1 GPS receiver and a 3-megapixel camera. A built-in altimeter and electronic compass aid in GIS applications. The field controller runs Topcon’s TopSURV software and boasts a battery life of over seven hours. Topcon Positioning Systems; 925-245-8300 ;