Products   08/18/2010
Laser Distance Meter: Quick Measurements The DM100 Hand-Held Laser Distance Meter is a simple solution for quickly measuring distances over 15 ft. The meter is able to measure linear distance, area and volume as well as handle continuous measurements. The DM100 has an accuracy to 0.08 in. and has a maximum measurement range of 100 ft. It is powered by two AAA batteries and can take up to 3,000 measurements on a single charge. Agatec Construction Lasers; 800-643-9696;

Emissions Control: Retrofit Heavy Equipment The BlueMAX 100 Selective Catalytic Reduction system is a retrofit device designed to reduce nitrous oxide emissions for heavy-equipment engines. The BlueMAX SCR has recently received EPA verification for controlling nitrous oxide emissions from mobile non-road and heavy-duty diesel engines. The system uses a urea-control strategy with a NOx concentration sensor. Because the system relies on a feed-forward, sensor-based design, it can be used to retrofit a wide range of diesel engines with minimum changes. Nett Technologies; 800-361-6388;
Drainage Trencher GPS: Accurate and Reliable Mastenbroek has released a GPS system for drainage trenchers based on Trimble’s Field Level III technology. The system is intended to assist in trenching operations when working conditions interfere with laser measurement. Unlike laser-based systems, the Mastenbroek GPS requires no regular calibration and can function in inclement weather. The GPS has a touch-screen display interface. While on the job, it is able to record data, which can then be downloaded for analysis. The GPS also can provide more accurate trenching on extremely long runs of drainage pipe in which the topography is not laser-flat. Mastenbroek Ltd.;
Utility-Truck Hybrid Power: Run Hydraulics on Battery The HyPower System is a hybrid power retrofit system that now can be used on digger derricks. The system allows for the vehicle’s hydraulic system to run off a battery that can be recharged from the electrical grid via a standard 110v-15-amp outlet, allowing for hours of continuous operation without engaging the vehicle’s engine, saving fuel. It can be retrofitted onto an existing chassis and will not affect the vehicle’s ground clearance. Terex; 888-837-3977;