New product announcements:   05/12/2010
Air Compressor: Energy-Efficient Design Air Compressor: Energy-Efficient Design

The Mobilair M100 air compressor from Kaeser is capable of producing 375 cfm at 100 psig. It is powered by a Kubota diesel engine with a high-capacity cold-start battery and features Kaeser’s Sigma Profile energy-saving rotary-screw air-end. A fully waterproof canopy swings open with gull-wing doors for easy access to internal components and reduced noise levels.
Kaeser Compressors; 800-777-7873;

Wheel Loader: Upgraded Engine Wheel Loader: Upgraded Engine

The DL420 is an articulated wheel loader that features a larger engine than its predecessor, the DL400. It’s powered by a 6-cylinder, 280-hp Cummins engine, and its Z-bar lifting system provides a standard bucket breakout force of 47,210 lb, ideal for working in hard materials.
Doosan Infracore; 770-831-2200;

Little Robot: Hydro-Demolition Unit Little Robot: Hydro-Demolition Unit

The Conjet Robot 324 is a remotely operated hydro-demolition machine designed to work in confined spaces such as small tunnels, tubes and inside concrete box-girder bridges. It weighs 1100 kg and can pass through spaces only 90 cm wide. Rubber tracks allow the robot to move on scaffolding and platforms. The robot’s arm has a wide range of motion, and its water-jetting lance can be angled at 45°. It is oper- ated from a remote-control unit.
Conjet AB; +46 8 556 522 40;

Outrigger Pads: Dual Materials Outrigger Pads: Dual Materials

Timcogrip outrigger pads are manufactured using a co-extrusion process that molecularly bonds a thermoplastic elastomer rubber to a high-density polyethylene. The rubber side grips roads to prevent slippage of outriggers for cranes and other large equipment. The heavy-duty polyethylene distributes the weight, preventing damage to the road surface.
Timco Inc.; 800-792-0030;

Zero-VOC Paint: Now Fully Tintable Zero-VOC Paint: Now Fully Tintable

Natura is a zero-VOC acrylic-latex interior paint that is now available in thousands of hues and a wide range of sheens. The zero-VOC status of the paint is unaffected by tinting, thanks to a patented waterborne colorant system that introduces no VOCs during the process.
Benjamin Moore; 888-236-6667;

Wire-rope diagnostic tool: Detects Flaws Wire-rope Diagnostic Tool: Detects Flaws

RopeQ is a diagnostic tool that uses electromagnetic induction to assess the inner and outer strands of wire rope. The tool’s non-destructive testing method is able to detect flaws that are not visible on the surface of wire ropes and thus improve overall safety in lifting applications. RopeQ fastens to wire-rope assemblies and records a series of interior images along the entire length of the wire rope. The resulting data then can be used to pinpoint areas and degrees of degradation.
Konecranes Inc.; 800-934-6976;

Insulated Man Lift: Trailer-Mounted Insulated Man Lift: Trailer-Mounted

The TZ50i electrically insulated trailer-mounted lift from MLE is intended for electrical contractors. The lift earned a 46kV ANSI Class C rating and sports a 6-ft fixed fiberglass jib and non-conductive hydraulic hoses. The TZ50i man lift has a 55-ft working height, a 29-ft horizontal reach and a 300-lb maximum platform capacity. The lift also features a radio remote control.
Man & Material Lift Engineering; 414-486-1760;