New product announcements:  07/15/2009
Upgraded Tractor-Scraper: More Power Upgraded Tractor-Scraper: More Power

The G Series of the 613 Wheel Tractor-Scraper features several upgrades to its design, including increases in powertrain efficiency, rim pull, elevator speed and travel speed. The 613G has a 11-cu-yd capacity and is able to cut and fill, finish grade, stockpile and condition material. A new safety valve prevents accidental articulation when the operator is entering or exiting the cab while holding the steering wheel. Caterpillar; 309-675-1000;

Compact Press Tool: Small Size and Better Battery Life Compact Press Tool: Small Size and Better Battery Life The Model RP 210-B press tool is the smallest tool in the RIDGID line. The tool is able to make connections up to 11⁄4-in. The tool has a 270-degree rotation and a flattened top for easier use in confined spaces; it is powered by a lithium-ion battery. RIDGID; 800-769-7743;
Seismic Bracing: Easy-To-Install Clamp Fits Many Sizes Seismic Bracing: Easy-To-Install Clamp Fits Many Sizes The mechanical Fast Clamp attachment is part of the TOLCO line of seismic bracing. It provides up to 12 in. of adjustment, allowing faster installation with less guesswork. The attachment’s fast-attach yoke can handle various hanger-rod sizes and types.
TOLCO; 800-786-5266;
Retractable-Cord ReelS: Many Customizable Options Retractable-Cord Reels: Many Customizable Options The industrial-grade retractable-cord reels from K&H Industries are designed for medium- and heavy-duty applications and are able to accommodate cord lengths from 10 ft to 150 ft. The reels have many possible mounting options, and the spring-ratcheted mechanism retracts the cord quickly. The reels can deliver up to 50 amps of portable power and can be pre-wired with a number of items, including work lights and portable outlet boxes. They are available with many custom configurations, including cord type, length, reel color and assorted pre-wired options. K&H Industries; 716-549-0135;
Air Compressor: Cover Keeps Valves Secure Air Compressor: Cover Keeps Valves Secure The XAS 185 JD7 HardHat air compressor delivers a discharge of 185 cu ft per minute and has a 49-hp Deere engine. The air compressor features a polyethylene canopy that will not rust, corrode, dent or fade. The canopy protects the discharge valves from damage on the jobsite. The control panel is conveniently located at waist level, with the discharge valves on the same end. The HardHat compressor is able to function in extreme temperatures and harsh conditions and features a no-load start for cold weather. The HardHat compressor has removable baffles that allow easy cleaning and maintenance on all four sides, with easy access to filters and the compressor’s oil separator tank. It has a fuel capacity of 25 gallons and a heavy gauge body. Atlas Copco Construction Equipment; 303-287-8822;
Heavy-Pipe Fusion Machine: Powerful Jaws Heavy-Pipe Fusion Machine: Powerful Jaws The MegaMc 1600 four-jaw fusion machine is able to butt-fuse high-density polyethylene pipe as small as 20 in. and as large as 65 in. in diameter. The fusion machine has 30,000 lb of clamping power in each of its jaws and can handle heavy-walled pipe segments. The fourth jaw is removable for easier fitting, and the unit is road-ready and easily transported to jobsites. McElroy Manufacturing Inc.; 918-836-8611;
Engine Additive: Smoother Surfaces Engine Additive: Smoother Surfaces GO-15 is a metal-surface conditioning treatment intended to improve the durability and performance of construction equipment and trucks. According to the maker, when added to motor oil, Go-15 reduces friction on internal engine components, reducing emissions and improving performance. Engineous USA Inc.; 847-372-0401;
Custom-Shape Sewer Pipe: Fits Non-Circular SewersCustom-Shape Sewer Pipe: Fits Non-Circular Sewers Custom-Shape Sewer Pipe: Fits Non-Circular Sewers The new HOBAS NC-Line consists of glass-reinforced polyester pipes designed for construction or rehabilitation of non-circular sewers. The pipes can be fabricated in virtually any shape—both circular and non-circular—to fit inside the old sewer system needing rehabilitation. The NC-Line of pipes contain polyester resin, quartz sand and glass. The pipes can be manufactured in diameters up to 118 in. and are available in a variety of wall thicknesses, depending on the customer’s design requirements. NC-Line sewer pipes are inherently corrosion-resistant and have been engineered to maintain maximum flow capacity after installation. HOBAS Pipe USA; 800-856-7473;
Testing for Firm Foundations: Wireless Sensors Testing for Firm Foundations: Wireless Sensors The Pile Driving Analyzer system allows the evaluation of the load-bearing capacity of all types of deep foundations using accelerometers and strain transducers. The piezo-electric accelerometers seen below are capable of real-time data transmissionand are available with a wireless-radio transmission option with a 100-meter range.
Pile Dynamics, Inc.; 216-831-6131;