New product announcements:  07/22/2009
Selective Demolition: Crawler-Excavator Gets In Close Selective Demolition: Crawler-Excavator Gets In Close

The Liebherr R974C VH-HD crawler-excavator is designed for selective demolition applications. The 131-tonne crawler-excavator has a maximum reach height of 41 meters with a special attachment. It is powered by a Tier 3 eight-cylinder diesel engine, and the boom has a standard piston-rod guard to protect attachments during use. The crawler-excavator has a full 360° of operation and its cab can be tilted upward by up to 30° for a better view when working at height. An assortment of attachments is available depending on the job.
Liebherr SAS; +33 389 21 3922;

Smoother Surfaces: Concrete Planer Smoother Surfaces: Concrete Planer

The Makita PC5000C 5-in. concrete planer is designed to smooth concrete seams and remove epoxy from concrete surfaces. The motor has a soft start for smooth start-ups and has an electronic speed-control dial. A built-in vacuum port allows for continuous dust collection, and a removable dust shroud cap allows the tool to be used in corners and against walls.
Makita; 800-462-5482;

Laser Scanning: High-Definition Laser Scanning: High-Definition

The Leica HDS6100 is a high-speed, phase-based laser scanner that can provide high-definition scans of indoor and outdoor jobsites. The scanner features a removable battery that provides up to 2.5 hours of operation and an integrated wireless LAN scanner-control option for remote computer operation. The scanner has a scan speed of up to 508,000 points per second and has a full 360° scan rotation. The HDS6100 also features improved performance in extreme temperatures.
Leica Geosystems; 770-326-9500;

One-Pass Site Preparation: Pulls Up Stones and Other Debris One-Pass Site Preparation: Pulls Up Stones and Other Debris

The Barber TURF RAKE is designed to remove stones and other debris from soils in a single pass before seeding and further site development. The rake is towed and powered by a tractor. It first levels the ground with a moldboard before drawing hundreds of spring tines set in offset rows over the surface. The debris collected then is deposited onto an elevated conveyor that passes the material to a hopper with a 3,800 lb capacity. The rake is able to handle stones from 1⁄2 in. to 4 in. It has a low center of gravity, wide design and flotation tires for stability during use. The rake can prepare as much as three acres of soil in an hour.
H. Barber & Sons Inc.; 203-729-9000;

Safer Operation: Protective Wire Mesh Safer Operation: Protective Wire Mesh

Safety Coil is a wire-mesh fabric barrier designed to prevent objects and people from getting too close to machinery. For example, the round-weave wire mesh can be used as a safety barrier around scissor-lift dividers. It can be rolled back during maintenance. The mesh can be used on older equipment to meet new safety standards.
Cascade Coil; 800-999-2645;