New product announcements:   04/07/2010
Scissor lift: Tight Turns for Proper Positioning Scissor Lift: Tight Turns for Proper Positioning

The Omni Drive Scissor Lift is designed to provide machine movement in all directions and allows for rotation around its center point. This swivel capability permits the lift to be maneuvered in tight areas. The Omni Lift comes in four models, with platform heights of 20 ft to 40 ft and capacities of 700 lb to 1,500 lb. Stowed heights range from 81 in. to 114 in. Options include a bump system to reduce accidental damage and an EX explosion-proof version for use in hazardous environments. Man & Material Lift Engineering; 414-486-1760;

Concrete Pump and Mixer Unit: Together at Last Concrete Pump and Mixer Unit: Together at Last

The MixerPump is a combined volumetric concrete mixer and concrete pump, which simplifies the concrete placement process. The REED pump can be attached to a mobile or stationary Cemen Tech volumetric mixer, with only a single power source needed. If fed by a loader for continuous batching, the MixerPump can pump over 30 cu yd per hour. The pump segment can be easily disconnected as needed. REED Concrete Pumps; 909-287-2100;