New product announcements:  06/17/2009
Cutting Trenches: Trencher-Boom Attachment Digs Deeper Cutting Trenches: Trencher-Boom Attachment Digs Deeper The new 4-ft trencher-boom attachment fits Toro TRX-19 dedicated trenchers or any Toro Dingo compact utility loader and is offered in addition to Toro’s 24-in. and 36-in. booms. The trencher boom allows installation of utilities at depths exceeding 42 in. and can also be used for irrigation, plumbing, drainage and edging applications. The boom accepts several chain types that can produce a trench 4-in. or 6-in. wide. Toro; 800-344-8676;
Pickup-Truck Equipment Lock: Prevent Tool Theft Pickup-Truck Equipment Lock: Prevent Tool Theft

The Truck Bed U-Lock security lock is designed to secure tools and other loose items directly to pickup truck beds. The lock fits into a truck bed’s stake-hole pockets and does not require any drilling. The hardened-steel lock can swivel 190 degrees and has a built in key cover. The U-Lock is able to fit Ford F-series, GMC/Chevy 1500/2500, Toyota Tundra and Dodge Ram and Dakota trucks. Master Lock; 800-464-2088;

Underlayment Additive: Reduces Cracking Underlayment Additive: Reduces Cracking Level Set underlayments now contain an Expansion Stabilization Technology brand additive to prevent shrinking and cracking. As underlayments often are used over large areas, even minor shrinking can result in significant cracking. The EST additive is designed to prevent adverse chemical and physical reactions during the pre-cure process, which causes the majority of shrinking. ProSpec; 800-738-1621;
Wastewater reclamation: Filters On-Site Water for Reuse Wastewater Reclamation: Filters On-Site Water for Reuse HydoRecyClean is a power-wash surface-cleaning system that is able to recover the wastewater, filter it on-site for reuse and then convert contaminants into non-leachable forms for disposal in general landfills. The closed-loop system is able to recover up to 10 gallons of water per minute and remove a wide variety of contaminates including hydrocarbons, oils, grease, cleaning chemicals, asbestos and various heavy metals. ECO Cleaning System; 419-797-6624;
Light Tower: Fuel-Efficient Generator for Lower Operating Costs Light Tower: Fuel-Efficient Generator for Lower Operating Costs The QLT 4 light tower has four 1,000-W metal halide lamps designed to provide flicker-free lighting over long periods. The light tower is powered by a GenSmart Permanent Magnet Generator and uses an average of 1.8 fewer gallons of fuel per day than similar light towers, resulting in lower costs. The light mast has a fully extended height of 31 ft, and the lamps can be rotated 360 degrees. The enclosure is made of heavy-gauge steel. Other features include a starting battery and automatic shutdown for low oil and high temperature. Atlas Copco; 800-760-4049;