New product announcements:  06/10/2009
Rubber-belted undercarriage: Suited for Small Equipment Rubber-belted Undercarriage: Suited for Small Equipment CAT rubber-belted undercarriages are now available to other original equipment manufacturers for vehicles that weigh up to 4,330 lb. The undercarriages feature the same engineering as larger CAT treads and are available in both fixed-gauge 301.6 models and hydraulic-variable 301.8 models. The undercarriage can be used with machines employing drills for geothermal installation, stump grinding, small auger drills or small pile drivers. Caterpillar Inc., OEM Solutions Group; 309-675-1000;
Anchor System: Adhesive Meets Latest Building Codes Anchor System: Adhesive Meets Latest Building Codes

The HIT-HY 150 MAX fast-cure adhesive anchor system is designed for use in anchor and rebar applications in uncracked concrete. The adhesive anchor is able to cure in as little as 30 minutes at room temperature. HIT-HY 150 MAX is compliant with the 2003/2006 IBC and meets ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria AC308 (ESR-2262). It is able to perform fastening in base materials with temperatures up to 248°F with appropriate reduction factors and can handle rough conditions. Hilti Inc.; 800-879-8000;

Laser Distance Meter: Tilt Sensor Calculates Distance Over Obstacles, Measures Heights Laser Distance Meter: Tilt Sensor Calculates Distance Over Obstacles, Measures Heights The Leica Disto D8 is a hand-held laser distance meter that employs a 360° tilt sensor for additional readings. The Disto D8 is able to calculate horizontal distances over obstacles and measure heights of distant objects using its tilt sensor in conjunction with the laser distance meter, without the need for reflective points. It also features a full-color display and Bluetooth-capability for wireless transmission of data. The distance meter’s software features an AutoCAD plug-in for easy integration into AutoCAD software. Leica Geosystems; 770-326-9500;
Cold Planer Cutter Drum: Redesigned Cold Planer Cutter Drum: Redesigned The new design of Roadtec cold planer cutter drums is intended to provide a better mill pattern and increase tool life. The tools on the cutter drum were realigned to lessen breakage, and the lacing pattern was adjusted so the milled surface will bond more readily with asphalt. According to the manufacturer, the tool-base and the cutter-drums components now have a service life of 3,000 hours. Roadtec; 423-265-0600;
Cable-Layer attachment: Lay Transmission Lines in One Pass Cable-Layer Attachment: Lay Transmission Lines in One Pass The CL80 cable-layer attachment allows for a track trencher to install transmission lines in a single pass. The attachment is able to sort, configure and feed three cables: a ground wire, a conduit with fiber-optic cable and a tracer tape. Due to its fast installation time, the cable layer is intended for remote transmission projects such as wind farms. Vermeer Corp.; 641-628-3141;