New product announcements:  04/08/2009
Fall protection: Modular Weight System Allows For Easy Relocation Fall Protection: Modular Weight System Allows For Easy Relocation

The Weightanka is a modular deadweight fall-protection system. The non-penetrating system is designed for roofs with less than a five-degree pitch where installation of temporary guardrails or permanent anchors is not an option. Attachments are made to a central pedestal, with the basic system weighing 550 lb. The system can be disassembled into components weighing less than 55 lb for easy relocation. Kee Safety, Inc.; 800-851-5181;

Curb Machine: Tighter Turns Curb Machine: Tighter Turns

The Power Curber 5700-C is the latest update to the 5700 series of curb machines. It is powered by a 130-hp Tier-3 Cummins engine and constantly mixes concrete onboard. The design allows it to produce curbs and gutters with tight radii, as small as 2 ft for stand-up curb and 3-ft for curb and gutter. An onboard 132-gallon water system provides faster cleanup and expressway pours. A raised operator platform offers improved visibility, and digital controls allow for fine tuning. Power Curbers Inc.; 704-636-5871;

All-in-One Power Pack: Able To Drive Air, Hydraulic and Power Tools All-in-One Power Pack: Able To Drive Air, Hydraulic and Power Tools

The En-Pak Mechanic Series is a truck-integrated, self-contained air compressor, hydraulic pump and generator. Powered by a 27-hp Kubota diesel engine, it is able to run hydraulic, air and electrical tools simultaneously with the truck engine off. The system eliminates the need for a PTO option. Miller Electric Mfg. Co.; 800-426-4533;

Foundation Waterproofing:Double-sided Membrane Liner Foundation Waterproofing: Double-sided Membrane Liner

Platon Doubledrain is a double-sided, high-desity polyethelene foundation membrane liner designed to prevent inner moisture penetration. Intended primarily for light commercial and residential construction, the liner has drainage channels on both sides and geotextiles laminated to one side. Doubledrain is able to provide complete waterproofing up to a depth of 20 ft. Installation consists of fastening the liner to the wall membrane with Platon clamps. CertainTeed; 800-233-8990;

Stainless Steel Grinding Disc: New Design for Cooler Operation Stainless Steel Grinding Disc: New Design for Cooler Operation

Plantex Cool Top Flap Discs are designed for use in grinding stainless steel. The disc’s abrasive zirconium fabric has a top-side coating intended to provide cooling and extend the service life of the disc. According to the maker, this design reduces heat and improves performance on stainless steel. Discs are available in diameters of 4 in., 4½ in., 5 in. and 7-in., in grits of 40 and 60. CS Unitec; 800-700-5919;