New product announcements:  04/01/2009
45-TONNE CITY MOBILE CRANE: Compact Size 45-Tonne City Mobile Crane: Compact Size Manitowoc Cranes is launching a new mobile crane under its Grove brand that is designed especially for use on tight urban jobsites. The GCK3045 has a 45-tonne capacity with a 34-meter boom and optional 6.3-m twist jib. The crane is 9.07 m long and 3 m high and offers a choice of five outrigger locations. It has a three-axle configuration with electronic rear-wheel steering to minimize tire wear and has a boom-down design.
Manitowoc Cranes; 920-684-6621;
Advanced Insulation For Pipe: Small Diameter Advanced Insulation For Pipe: Small Diameter The new Aquatherm Advanced pipe-wrap insulation, when used with the firm’s fiberglass-rein-forced polypro-pylene pipe, delivers a piping and insulation package for potable hot and cold water that combines fire protection, a vapor barrier and thermal insulation into an external wrap. The slimmer diameter system allows quicker installation in tighter areas.
Aquatherm Inc.; 801-805-6657;
PRECISION LASER FOR DEPTH AND ELEVATION: Designed for Compact Equipment Precision Laser For Depth And Elevation: Designed for Compact Equipment The Trimble Spectra Precision Laser LR20 receiver for elevation and depth-grade control allows smaller construction equipment to achieve tighter tolerances and better productivity without the need for a grade checker. It is designed for mini excavators, backhoes, scrapers, skid-steer attachments, box blades and small dozers.
Trimble Navigation Ltd.; 408-481-8000;
MECHANICS TRUCK BODY FOR SPRINTER CHASIS: Compact Mechanics Truck Body For Sprinter Chasis: Compact Built on a Dodge or Freightliner Sprinter chasis, the new DSC-12 mechanics truck body weighing 2,150 lb is a fuel-efficient option for customers that do not need a full-size truck. The body comes with a 3,200-lb capacity electric crane that has a 15-ft maximum reach.
Iowa Mold Tooling Co. Inc.; 641-923-3711;
Battery-Powered Crimping Tool: For Electric Wire Battery-Powered Crimping Tool: For Electric Wire The Battpac LT 4-ton in-line cordless crimping tool provides up to 300 crimps in 4/0 AWG copper or aluminum lugs and splices per charge and has a head that rotates 180° for ease of use in tight places. An LED display lets the user know how much battery life remains. The tool comes with nine hex crimp dies, a spare battery andrapid charger. Thomas & Bet 800-816-7809;
HYDRAULIC FORK-LIFT CRANE: Multi-Purpose Uses Hydraulic Fork-Lift Crane: Multi-Purpose Uses The Jib-Master crane starts as a forklift crane but can be converted to a pedestal-mount tool for a workstation. It also can be mounted on a truck for field operations. The JB-4R, one of four models available, has powered articulating mast rotation, hydraulic boom lift and powered hydraulic telescopic boom. It has a 3,000-lb lifting capacity with the boom retracted and 2,000 lb extended. It can lift up to 144 in., plus the height of the fork lift.
Air Technical Industries; 440-951-5191;
ASPHALT OPTIMIZER EASES POTHOLE PATCHING: Heated Asphalt Optimizer Eases Pothole Patching: Heated The new Asphalt Optimizer is easily loaded with asphalt through large top doors and has a 4-ton capacity. The material is gravity-fed to a door that is operated by a large-diameter wheel with a locking ratchet. Operators can adjust the amount of material reaching an unloading tray. A diesel-fired self-priming 105,000-Btu burner heats the hopper chamber without applying direct flame. Heat also is dispersed through the load with a central 4-in. tube. TCimline Pavement Maintenance Group; 800-328-3874;
Low-Profile Aluminum Storage Boxes: For Trucks Low-Profile Aluminum Storage Boxes: For Trucks

The new Weather Guard low-profile storage boxes sit just above the side rails of a pickup truck to keep rear sight lines intact, but the extra-wide design provides large storage capacity. They are constructed of heavy-guage aluminum plate and available with clear or black finishes. The boxes range from 3.1 cu ft to 4.2 cu ft and have high-security locks.
Knaack LLC; 800-456-7865;

INSULATION AND FRAMING SYSTEM FOR CONCRETE: Walls and Ceilings Insulation and Framing System for Concrete: Walls and Ceilings The InSoFast insulation and framing system is designed for use on concrete block and poured-concrete walls and ceilings. The 4-ft-by-2-ft closed-cell EPS foam insulation panels with R-10 performance incorporate polystyrene studs for attaching drywall, horizontal and vertical chases for wiring and drainage channels on the back. Glued into place, they can be used for finishing basements as well as above-grade exterior concrete walls.
InSoFast LLC; 888-501-7899;
Circular Saw Blades: Ultra-Thin Kerf Technology Circular Saw Blades: Ultra-Thin Kerf Technology Hilti’s new circular-saw-blade portfolio includes blades for framing, finishing, wet or pressure-treated lumber and general-purpose applications. The ultra-thin-kerf technology delivers smooth cuts and fast performance while reducing operator fatigue. The laser-fused carbide teeth provide long blade life and the 5/8-in. diamond knockout will fit any professional circular saw.
Hilti Inc.; 800-363-4458;