New product announcements:  02/18/2009
Demolition Robot: Remote Control Demolition Robot: Remote Control All of a sudden, demolition robots are all the rage, and Husqvarna is going after the destruction with the new DXR-310. The wireless-controlled wrecker will be available in North America in the third quarter. Powered by a 22-kW electric motor, the 2-ton unit’s width is just slightly over 2.5 ft. Stepless, electrohydraulic controls stand up against harsh environments, and the telescopic boom’s overall reach, including the breaker, is 18 ft. Husqvarna Construction Products; 913-928-1000;
Form Screen: Protects Workers Form Screen: Protects Workers Doka introduces the Xclimb-60 formwork screen, being used for the first time in the U.S. by Walsh Construction in Chicago at a 72-story residential tower. The windscreen is shipped to the jobsite in modular panels. Made of corrugated sheeting, they wrap around the building and cover several floors at a time. Repositioning can be done via crane or hydraulics in winds up to 45 mph. Doka USA Ltd.; 877-365-2872;
Corded Tools: Powered Up By 50% Corded Tools: Powered Up By 50% Corded Tools: Powered Up By 50% Corded tools may have taken a back seat to some cordless designs but they are not yet dinosaurs. DeWalt is powering up its line of ½-in. corded drills with 50% more output by stuffing more copper into the same-size electric motor as the previous model. Users now can choose between a traditional pistol grip and a new mid-handle grip costing up to $140. Also new to the corded line are a ½-in. stud-and-joist drill with bind-up safety shut-off switch and a heavy-duty band saw. DeWalt Power Tools; 800-4339258;
Concrete Batch Plant: Precision Mixing and Production Concrete Batch Plant: Precision Mixing and Production Asphalt specialist expands into concrete with a roller-compacted plant that offers continuous blending with belt scales, variable-frequency conveyor drives and a twin-shaft mixer. A load cell measures aggregates while computer controls adjust production. Air bags provide smooth transportation and allow the silo frame to act as its own foundation. Astec Industries Inc.; 423-867-4210;
Utility-Class Excavator: Double-Boom Utility-Class Excavator: Double-Boom Kubota’s 8-ton, KX080-3 Super Double Boom can dump at heights of 20 ft and dig down to 15 ft. Because it sports a second, intermediate boom, the extra articulation joint allows operators to engage more ground without repositioning the machine. It also brings the bucket up to 3 ft closer to the machine to make the excavator more productive when digging at a tight radius. The 70-hp machine supplies a breakout force of 14,660 lb and is equipped with three-pump, load-sensing hydraulics. Kubota Tractor Corp.; 888-4-KUBOTA;
Oscillating Multi-Tool: Surgical-Like Cuts Oscillating Multi-Tool: Surgical-Like Cuts The Bosch PS50 Multi-X joins the relatively small yet growing crowd of oscillating power tools that are perfect for performing surgical-like plunge cuts into wood, grinding grout, sawing thin metal, detail sanding—the possibilities are endless. Bosch’s cordless, oscillating head moves so fast it won’t cut your finger, but it does tickle a bit. Retailing for about $200, it is powered by a 12V lithium-ion battery and comes with a carrying case, two batteries, 30-minute charger and a starter kit with an assortment of blades. Bosch Power Tools; 877-267-2499;
Track Loader: Steel Undercarriage Track Loader: Steel Undercarriage Caterpillar’s new compact track loaders sport a steel sprocket guide imbedded in the rubber track and a suspended, all-steel undercarriage for added toughness. Three new models, the 279C, 289C and 299C, feature a two-speed drive system, top speed of 8.5 mph and dual torsion axles that manage rough terrain. With up to 90-hp output and 4,150-lb capacity, the hydrostatic rigs offer a low ground pressure of about 4 psi. Caterpillar Inc.; 309-675-1000;
Toolbox Power Supply: No More Cord Mazes Toolbox Power Supply: No More Cord Mazes PowerCrew is an integrated power supply that installs into toolboxes in minutes. It features four ground-fault-interrupt receptacles providing 15 amps of power that feed from a standard extension cord that plugs into the box. It is certified to meet safety standards and is compatible with any brand of jobsite box. Knaack LLC; 815-459-6020;
Curb-And-Gutter Machine: Slipforms Safety Barriers Curb-And-Gutter Machine: Slipforms Safety Barriers Highway safety barriers are now easy to produce using Gomaco’s next-generation curb-and gutter paver, the GT-3200. With right or left-side pour capability, the paver can handle barriers up to 40-in. tall. The machine features a piston-style front leg and is powered by a 91-hp engine. The modular operator’s platform is strategically positioned to allow workers to view concrete being delivered to the machine as well as the finished product at the business end. GOMACO Corp.; 712-364-3347;