New product announcements:  12/10/2008
Angle Grinders: Improved Airflow Angle Grinders: Improved Airflow The line of Milwaukee 41½-in. Angle Grinders features a redesigned airflow system, including debris baffles that deflect particles from the engine intake and multiport exhaust to extend overall tool life. The seven angle grinders have power ratings from 7 amps to 10 amps, all running at 10,000 rpm. They each feature a burst-resistant adjustable guard, soft-grip three-position side handle and external brush doors for easy access to brushes. Milwaukee Electric Tool; 800-729-3878;
Adhesive Anchor System: Easy Installation and Fast Cure Adhesive Anchor System: Easy Installation and Fast Cure HIT-HY 150 MAX Fast Cure Adhesive Anchor System has received an ICC-ES report compliant with Acceptance Criteria AC308 and can be used in a variety of anchor and rebar applications. The system has a relatively fast cure time and is ready for inspection in as little as 30 minutes at 68° in uncracked concrete. Given reduction factors, it can also provide fastening when base materials reach temperatures of up to 248°. Hilti; 800-879-6000;
Tough floor: Self-Sealing Underlayment Tough Floor: Self-Sealing Underlayment LEVELROCK 4500 NXG floor underlayment is intended for use in a wide range of commercial, institutional and rehab projects. It offers compressive strengths up to 5,500 psi and can be applied at thicknesses from featheredge to 2 in. The underlayment is mixed with sand and water at the jobsite and has a built-in sealer, allowing the floor covering to be installed without any additional priming or sealing. Trade traffic can resume on the surface after several hours with little risk of indentation. USG Corp.; 800-874-4968;
Road Test: Tracks Pavement Quality Road Test: Tracks Pavement Quality The Selcom High Speed RoLine 1130 Sensor is designed for high-speed pavement profiling. The unit is able to measure asphalt and concrete pavement conditions at any vehicle speed. Its laser-line measuring principle is intended to improve accuracy on coarse-textured surfaces. It is capable of either full-profile data output or simplified road-surface location data and can be integrated into larger, scalable pavement measuring systems. LMI Technologies; 248-298-2839;
Rivet Buster: Prevents Blank FiringRivet Buster: Prevents Blank Firing Rivet Buster: Prevents Blank Firing Designed for concrete breaking, metal cutting and other demolition applications, the CPS Rivet Buster features a controlled power system that prevents blank firing when the demolition tool’s rubber bumpers are 75% worn out. When this occurs, the tool’s upper and lower sleeves open bleeding ports for air, leaving the piston in the down position. The result is less stress transferred to the cylinder during blank fires, an event that contributes to eventual tool breakage. The item is available in either 8-in. or 11-in. tool strokes and requires 45 cfm of air for operation. Chicago Pneumatic Construction Tools; 413-493-7336;
Tiny Excavator: For Working in Narrow Spaces Tiny Excavator: For Working in Narrow Spaces The Zaxis 60USB-3 is an ultra-short excavator with a swing boom and backfill blade. Its independent swing boom can move 80° to the left and 60° to the right. Its compact size allows it to work in narrow spaces and along walls and guard-rails. It is powered by an Interim Tier 4 engine, which includes an exhaust gas recirculation system to reduce nitrogen-oxide emissions, and is available with rubber or steel tracks. Hitachi; 800-675-8459;