Enginnering in NYC is coming and no better than NYU-Poly, and many others all around 370 Jay Street in Brooklyn to make it real!  CUSP stands for the Center for Urban Science and Progress.

Maybe Jay-Z should open this beautiful facility on Jay Street in 2017 like he is doing with the nearby Barclays Center rising on Sept. 28.  NYU is prepared to spend $750/sq. ft on the building, what will be the actual?

Great credit to Mayor Bloomberg, his staff and the officials at NYU (I serve on the NYU Schack CM Advisory Committee) and it is a great investment in all our New York futures'. 

The laws of procurement must change to reflect the proper collection of data to relate picing and productivity for historical retention and improvement. 

As a member of DDC's Town + Gown (I am in Town--the Applied Analysis and Research Group). , we will discuss the topic "What Can Public Built Environment Data Tell Us?" tomorrow at the New York Public Library, here's a link to it http://tinyurl.com/6tpewwg  

We must be able to "relate" data in order for it to "tell us something", as numbers alone (many inaccurate and not submitted timely) are often non-indicative of conditions and progress on the construction site, forget about all the "hidden" or "tampered with" data.

Congratulations to NYU-Poly, the City of New York and all the leading actors in our local construction industry, a new beacon is shining in the County of Kings!!