Construction CPM Conference 2016


The Construction CPM Conference has become a gathering place and sounding board for  the planning and scheduling communitydevoted to construction and time-sensitive projects. As to why you should join us January 31st to February 3rd in New Orleans, read on …

In my last The Next Generation blog post I stated that creating and hosting the Construction CPM Conference has not made me a spokesperson for theindustry, but has made me a sounding board of many with troubles and worries in our industry. I will be speaking on some of the insights gained from this input in a coming blog post; for today I would like to invite our readers to join us at the conference, January 31st through February 3rd in New Orleans.

Seven Best Reasons to Attend:

This is the primary conference devoted to your needs as planner/schedulers and project controls practitioners of construction or time sensitive projects.


You will view, kick-the-tires, and get hands-on training in a multitude of CPM and add-on software solutions.

You will be introduced to and gain greater knowledge of complementary techniques in risk, cost/EVM, 3D/4D/BIM, document control and dispute resolution – geared to schedulers.

This is the primary conference for networking amongst other schedulers. We have five receptions over three days, a Dine with Five New Friends program to turn dinner into additional in-depth networking, and a continuous exhibitor presence for a full three days.

We mix fun with real training, real learning and real networking. We are in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. We start with four parades passing the frontdoor of our hotel. We have our own parade, led by a brass band and police escort, through the French Quarter. We take over a bar on Bourbon Street where we may dance, drink, share a cigar, or throw beads from the second floor balcony.


Those arriving early may attend the FREE PMA NetPoint & GPM User Meeting, enjoy Mardi Gras parades on the prior Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and really get to know and enjoy all that New Orleans may offer. Those staying late may sign up for additional graduate level lectures at Two Days with Fred, or simply stay at our discounted hotel rates for Mardi Gras madness all the way through to Fat Tuesday.


Home starts are up. Commerce is up. The backlog for infrastructure upgrades is growing. Now is the time to learn all the new software and skills entering the toolboxes of our industry. Construction CPM Conference is the primary venue to show you, teach you, and keep you the best in our industry.

If this is not yet enough to convince you – and your boss or client – then for more information, go to