Distracted Driving – Revisited


In my May 2011 posting, distracted driving was the topic. In the last couple of weeks, the volume level is rising steadily among others who are either taking action, or at least thinking twice (are you?) before using their phone while driving.


The NTSB’s recommendation on 12/13 is an excellent push in the right direction. If you want to read the press release, and note that there are more details coming, you can go to http://www.ntsb.gov/news/2011/111213.html. 

 There are also several other current articles in ENR and elsewhere on the topic, including Monday’s article by Tudor Van Hampton and his friends at Contractors Support Bans on Distracted Driving. 

This update reports a real life distracted driving improvement I learned about earlier this month.


The original post in May mentioned the judging process for the North Texas AGC/ABC chapter’s 2011 Annual Construction Safety Excellence Awards. In that competition, three of six companies did not have distracted driving programs.


It’s a pleasure to tell you about one company that was a repeat finalist in this year’s competition we judged earlier this month. They reported that a safety improvement they made during 2011 was implementing their company’s distracted driving program for their nearly 90 employees. The company’s president even made a comment that it included NO use of Bluetooth devices. They’ve quit COLD TURKEY!


Isn’t it time for the rest of us who have any common sense, and any respect for the safety of others on the road, to give up the *PED’s (Portable Electronic Devices - per the NTSB)? Nothing we’re doing is important enough to use PED’s when we’re driving.


If you see someone bleeding heavily, then call 911, after you pull over to help. It won’t happen very often, unless you’re an EMT. And you’ll sleep better knowing you did the right thing by helping AND not driving distracted!

P.S.  Today, I saw an article about tools for traveling salespeople.  One was a new device to hold your tablet on the console or dash in your car.  The ad says, "Make sure to check out your local distracted-driving laws before installing this to make sure that it is legal in your state and city."  Now that's a great idea!  Or pull over!