The Polypro Optimax seal-coating machine is available in both 550- and 825-gallon capacities. The tank's polyethylene composition prevents the sealant from adhering to the inside of the tank. The tank's helix-blade agitation prevents stalling under heavy sand loads. The machine is powered by a Honda engine and compressor and features a large hose reel on a swivel mount. The seal-coating machine is available with skid, trailer or truck mounting. Equipt Direct Inc.; 888-337-8748;

The Mini-Pod is an equipment management system that allows owners and foremen to remotely monitor the use of heavy equipment. The Mini-Pod can log locations, machine hours, idling, mileage and PTO time; furthermore, it is capable of tracking the use of fuel and engine oil as well as transmission and hydraulic fluid. The system is scalable and can be configured to accept additional modules over time, up to a total of 50. The Mini-Pod can be programmed to generate service alerts for heavy equipment. OEM Data Delivery; 203-929-8431;

The Power Paver SF-1700 can pave up to 21-ft-wide passes, allowing for two-pass paving. It is powered by a 160-hp, Tier 3 Cummins engine and has a two-track design that allows for one or both tracks, depending on paving conditions. Further, the 46-in. profile pan automatically adjusts for grade variations up to 24 inches. The frame of the SF-1700 is based on the SF-2700's. The paver is intended as an economic alternative for smaller contractors. Power Pavers Inc.; 319-987-3070;

The Genie S45 Trax telescopic boom is now available with a four-point-track driving system. The track-style wheels allow the machine to work in rough terrain and reduces damage to sensitive ground surfaces. Oscillating axles allow the rubber tracks to maintain contact on uneven surfaces for easier off-road travel. The S45 Trax has a lift height of 46 ft, a vertical reach of 36 ft and a gross weight of 17,440 lb. The boom's narrow chassis allows it to fit into tight spaces and be placed on a trailer easily. Genie Industries; 800-536-1810;