A cloud-based enterprise collaboration system released a new field management tool that allows users to edit, annotate and share service requests between the field and the office with iOS devices and desktop computers.

"We look to have a holistic environment that allows people to get work done in conjunction with their existing tools and processes," says Tony Lopresti, CEO of Intellinote, Reston, Va. "We're not trying to reinvent the wheel."

By not recreating programs such as Adobe Acrobat, Google Docs and other entrenched software and, instead, piggybacking on and extending their capabilities, Intellinote's Field Service Management tool has "a massive range of capabilities," says Lopresti.

"We can sign things, compute, annotate, edit, make spreadsheets, add photos," he says. "And once you're done with a form, you can email it to anyone."

The new tool also gives users the ability to import form data into templates to reduce redundancy.

"If I'm an elevator inspector with a standard form and 95% of the form is always the same but 5% is different, I can import old data into the new form I'm creating," says Lopresti.

Intellinote claims the automation, real-time access to training and reference materials, and integration with billing systems and work-order databases, among other capabilities, can help eliminate errors and ultimately save money.

Intellinote's basic offering allows for the functionality of enterprise-level collaboration and project management and costs $10 per user per month. The Field Service Management tool makes forms editable, allowing for notes, pictures and geo-tagging; at $20 per user per month, it costs twice as much, says Lopresti.