Many customers and industry colleagues already know me as vice president of McGraw-Hill Construction media sales and, previously, associate publisher of ENR during the past eight years. Now, as I take the helm at the publisher’s desk for ENR, it is a special honor, a responsibility and an opportunity all in one.

Bonington pledges to carry on ENR’s tradition of excellence and leadership.
Photo By Tom Sawyer For ENR
Bonington pledges to carry on ENR’s tradition of excellence and leadership.
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It’s a special honor because many may not know that ENR is the founding brand of the McGraw-Hill Companies. With more than 135 years of innovation, it is the gold standard for business-to-business news and information in construction. Exceptionally bright and dedicated publishers have contributed to that history and standard of excellence. I am honored as well as humbled to carry on their tradition of excellence.

It’s a responsibility because the industry needs and thrives on ENR. There is no other comparable source of accurate, timely, independent and hard-hitting business news and analysis for construction. ENR is essential and appeals year-in and year-out to leaders across the spectrum—owners, contractors, construction managers, engineers and architects. ENR provides a common ground that helps to bring industry players together to be informed and to inform one another.

And this position is a tremendous opportunity because McGraw-Hill Construction and ENR itself continue to develop this brand and improve the way we serve audiences and marketers. ENR today is more than a great publication; it is an integrated information service that uses both traditional and digital platforms to get news, analysis, data and marketing messages to industry professionals when, where and how they need it—regionally, nationally, globally. Loyal audiences tell us they can’t get enough of ENR! They embrace our digital and print media and want more of it. Today, across our digital and print platforms, our total monthly audience has grown to 204,000, which is far more audience reach and impact than ever could have been delivered efficiently through traditional print alone.

I look forward to listening to and serving, our friends, readers, colleagues and customers. On my watch, we will continue to pursue and deliver a high standard of excellence, leadership and digital innovation to serve the evolving needs of the construction industry.

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