It is a delight to introduce our readers to ENR’s new publisher, Scott Seltz.  ENR is now the flagship publication of BNP Media Inc., where Seltz has been a publisher for the past three years. ENR has been on his radar, however, for much longer. His sister Ann was ENR’s first computer editor in the 1980s, and one of Scott Seltz’s first jobs was advertising sales for Civil Engineering magazine.

“ENR is the industry’s most respected and trusted source for news, analysis and insights. To be able to work with a brand with that level of value to its audience is the opportunity of a lifetime,” he says.

In addition to Civil Engineering, Seltz has worked on publications serving the computer technology, general business, food processing, manufacturing and retailing industries. He has held sales management, business management and portfolio management posi- tions at companies such as Ziff-Davis, Gruner+Jahr, VNU and The Nielsen Co. before joining BNP.

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INVESTMENT  BNP Media will move ENR's offices to the Empire State Building, says Publisher Seltz.

“I’ve had the pleasure—and luck—to have worked with bright, talented and innovative people in the media business who gave me a great education in creating value for a media brand’s audience and for its advertisers,” Seltz says.

Important for the future, he adds, is to make sure ENR has the resources it needs to maintain the high quality, accuracy and value of its editorial content. He also wants to “increase the engagement” of the wide range of construction professionals currently subscribing while expanding ENR’s appeal to those who have yet to subscribe to its digital and print products or attend live events.

At BNP, a fourth-generation, family-run publishing company, Seltz says ENR will get “attentive support that includes empowerment of the team to be entrepreneurial. We also will identify unmet audience needs and new product opportunities to improve reader satisfaction.” For example, he says will be migrating to BNP’s mobile-responsive platform, which will display content in the appropriate format for smartphone and tablet users.

As part of BNP Media’s investment in ENR and its sister publications, Architectural Record and SNAP, the company has just announced that, in October, it will move the Seventh Avenue offices of these brands to the Empire State Building, one of the most iconic engineering and architectural landmarks in the country. Seltz calls it “a positive and bold statement.”