The Development of South Valley of Toshka Region

Toshka, Egypt

Award of Merit, Environmental

Submitted By: Hassan Allam Holding

Owner: The National Company for General Contracting and Supplies “NSPO”

Lead Design Firm: Center for Studies and Designs for Water Projects

General Contractor: Hassan Allam Holding

To overcome the lack of arable land and food insecurity, Egypt set out to convert vast stretches of desert to farmland. A huge pumping station and canal transported water from the Nile River to the Toshka Valley in the country’s southern sector, while distribution canals channel it across 650 sq km of new farmland. Eleven contractors, led by Hassan Allam Holding, constructed the 320-km-long canal network and pipeline system. The project’s major obstacle was a 9-km-long granite ridge blocking the canal route. Overall, 1 million cu meters of rock and 80 million cu m of soil were excavated, with 4 million cu m of concrete placed. Another challenge was ensuring sufficient water pressure to feed the huge center pivot sprinkler systems. Given the remote location, temporary housing had to be established for 10,000 workers. It is hoped that the newly created farmland will help reduce Egypt’s dependence on imported wheat. As an indication of the project’s importance, project owner NSPO is affiliated with the Egyptian Ministry of Defense.

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