Cameroon Yaoundé Urban Complex, Phase 1

Yaoundé, Cameroon

Award of Merit, Retail/Mixed-Use Development

Submitted By: CCCC First Highway Engineering Group Co.

Owner: CFHEC Overseas Investment Co.

Lead Design Firm: CCCC Water Transportation Planning and Design Institute Co.

General Contractor: CCCC First Highway Engineering Group Co.

Located in the political heart of Cameroon’s capital of Yaoundé, this expansive effort aims to redevelop the city’s commercial and business spaces. The scope of work included two residential buildings, two underground parking garages, as well as assorted commercial and park spaces. The project is also intended to serve as a showcase of the capabilities of Cameroon’s burgeoning construction industry.

There were challenges. During excavation the team found nearly 3 meters of rock that had to be removed. Blasting wasn’t an option in a busy city center, so the team turned to rock-cutting equipment, moving a total of 2,000 cu meters of rock. The high humidity and large temperature differentials of Cameroon’s climate can lead to cracking in exterior concrete walls. To ensure construction quality, the team deployed an anti-crack fiber mortar technology for the exterior walls not typically used in Cameroon, which was combined with a cement-based putty and elastic coating. It prevented cracking and also advanced the local building materials market.

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