The Islamic Cultural Center In The New Administrative Capital

The New Administrative Capital, Egypt

Award of Merit

Submitted By: The Arab Contractors

Owner: The Engineering Authority of Armed Forces - Egyptian Ministry of Defense

Lead Design Firm: Engineering Consultants Group S.A., Cairo, Egypt (ECG)

General Contractor: The Arab Contractors (Osman Ahmed Osman & Co.)

The Islamic Cultural Center, located in the governmental district in the country’s new administrative capital, was established as a world-class venue to spread the teachings of moderate and non-extremist Islamic religion. The center consists of multiple structures, including a parking garage for more than 1,700 vehicles.

The centerpiece is the Mosque of Egypt, which has three entries—each topped with Islamic domes—and a nave that can accommodate 12,000 worshippers. The main dome is 32 m in diameter, 25 m tall and weighs 500 tons. It was assembled and finished on the ground and then lifted into place using 12 hydraulic cranes. Since the lifting capacity of one crane is about 50 tons, the dome was raised using wires.

The connecting upper and lower courtyards can hold another 107,000 worshippers combined. Two minarets rise 148 m above the upper courtyard. The east and west halls, each with its own accompanying service building, were built to host offices, receptions and VIP events. The entire project was completed on schedule and within budget.

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