More than two-thirds of one of Europe's longest suspended bridge spans has been raised onto awaiting hangers over the River Danube at Brăila, Romania, about 62 miles upstream of the Black Sea. 

The 82-ft-wide, 10.4-ft-deep steel deck is being lifted from barges in 86 modules weighing 286 tons, on average, according to the contractor.

Backed by European Union grant funding, the National Company for Road Infrastructure Management awarded the $465-million contract in January 2018 to a consortium that was 60% controlled by Italy's Astaldi, now part of Webuild S.p.A., and 40% by Japan's IHI Corp.

 Italy-based SETIN Servizi Tecnici Infrastrutture S.r.l. handled detailed design of the 6,480-ft crossing for the joint venture.