Concrete Polishing Rider: Cruise Control

The RP235 and RP245 polishing riders, powered by a 25-hp Kohler PCH740 propane engine, are designed for polishing large areas. Based on Allen’s riding trowel frame, the rider lets operators get very close to a wall while polishing, according to the manufacturer. New to these models is a cruise control mode and 9-gallon water tank. There is also a power steering option for the RP245 model. The riders come with retractable dolly jacks for easy indoor transport and quicker changes of polishing pads. Allen Engineering;

Cooling Face Cover: Repeat Usage

The cooling neck gaiter/face cover uses evaporative cooling technology to maintain temperatures of about 30˚ F below the wearer’s average body temperature. The cooling process is activated by wetting the fabric with water, wringing it and snapping it, and takes less than a minute, according to the manufacturer. The cooling effects lasts for about two hours, after which time the process can be repeated. The multilayered fabric is UPF 50 rated to block 88% of UV rays and is machine washable. Magid;

Vacuum Lifting System: High Capacity

The CC-TT Computer Controlled Double Tee Vacuum Lifting System has a lift capacity of 77,000 lb. A computer-operated remote control system with a touch screen provides real-time information on use including vacuum pressure for the reservoir and pads, fuel level and battery status. Closed-circuit cameras allow for unobstructed views and assist with precise pad placement. The CC-TT has variable pad positions for even lifting, and the pads are engineered for the weight and size of double tee beams. Each pad is equipped with a sensor to confirm that the load is engaged. The system can work with mobile or stationary gantry cranes. Vacuworx;

Retractable Horizontal Lifeline: Fall Protection

The Guardian Retractable HLL can be used for fall arrest or as part of a fall restraint system for workers at height. It can accommodate two workers, each between 130 lb and 310 lb, at the same time. It features a 60-ft galvanized cable horizontal lifeline and will deploy an extending energy absorber in the event of a fall. The lifeline has a single-direction tensioner handle to prevent accidental release. The device folds down flat, with a magnet to secure it and avoid work interference. It meets meets OSHA 1910 and 1926 Subpart M standards. Pure Safety Group;


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