Professional-Grade Pliers: U.S. Market Debut

This new to the U.S. collection of pliers from SATA Tools features 26 individual or package options for automotive and industrial mechanics. The four sets in the series include a trio of VDE insulated pliers, as well as a five-piece set that includes an 8-in. universal, 8-in. long-nose, 7-in. diagonal, and 10-in. and 12-in. tongue-and-groove.

SATA Tools;

Cold Planer: Tier 4 Final Engine

BOMAG’s redesigned 600-hp-class 2200/60 cold planer runs on a Tier 4 Final engine. The milling chamber has been re-engineered with an eye toward extending life and improving performance. Replaceable track pads help lengthen milling time in the field, while a new routing for the hydraulic hose helps to reduce thermal aging. A quick-change system for the cutting tool can reduces the time required to change a full set of teeth by up to 75% compared with other systems, according to the manufacturer. A new integrated dust-extraction system improves air quality at the operator’s station.


Handheld Blower: Lightweight Design

The 20V MAX Brushless Handheld Blower clears debris with an air volume of up to 450 cu ft per minute, at up 125 miles per hour when using a concentrator nozzle. The latest addition to DEWALT’s 20V MAX tool line, the blower weighs 5.43 lb without the battery. It features a lightweight design and has a variable speed trigger with a speed lock for greater control.


Concrete Crack Repair Epoxy: Improved Performance

Simpson Strong-Tie has updated its line of injection epoxies for concrete crack repair. The epoxies can be installed at temperatures between 40° F and 110° F. There are five products in the line, which features faster curing times than earlier versions. Viscosity among the options ranges from 150 cps at 72° F, for the super-low-viscosity version, to 2000 cps at 72° F, for the long-pot-life version. The epoxies can be used in both cartridge and pump applications to repair concrete cracks in a variety of harsh environments.

Simpson Strong-Tie;

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