Concrete Finishing: Riding Trowel

The MSP475 riding trowel boasts twin 46-in. rotors with five bladed “spiders” for even panning and finishing. It is powered by a 57-hp Kubota gas engine with a 12-gallon tank for extended run time. Helical gearboxes ensure torque is maintained even at higher speeds, and hydraulic joysticks with power steering offer the operator fine control over the riding trowel’s movements.

Allen Engineering; 

Bit Storage: Containers Stack and Latch Together

DEWALT’s ToughCase accessory storage sets are designed to keep drilling and fastening bits organized. The storage sets feature a redesigned bit bar for easier removal of bits when needed. ToughCases are available in four sizes: the small bulk storage container, the small ToughCase with container, the medium ToughCase with container and the large ToughCase with container. The ToughCases feature integrated latches that allow them to stack and connect to each other for easier transport of multiple storage sets.


Tape Measure: Durable Casing

The Control series of tape measures feature 12 ft of standout and a matte finish on the blade to reduce glare when taking measurements. The 13⁄16-in.-wide tape features large print and a finger brake to prevent pinching when retracting the tape. According to the manufacturer, the tape has a durable casing capable of surviving multiple drops. The Control series is available with several options, including with engineer’s scale, metric scale and the Nite Eye color scheme for greater legibility. 

Crescent Lufkin;

Augmented Reality: New View of the Jobsite

Trimble’s SiteVision system offers a real-time, augmented-reality view of construction sites, superimposing BIM and other design data over the actual site. It can import project data file formats such as IFC and LandXML, and is compatible with major BIM and civil construction design applications. The unit consists of a Trimble antenna and rangefinder that can connect to the user’s Android smartphone. It can display 2D or 3D designs over the camera’s view, using GPS to accurately situate the building model on site with centimeter-accuracy. SiteVision is available with a monthly or yearly subscription.


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