Extraction Sockets: Remove Stuck Fasteners

Bolt Biter extraction sockets allow for removal of weathered, cracked or damaged fasteners. The socket slides onto the fastener without any hammering or forcing and can remove the fastener without damaging it further, a useful feature for unusual or nonstandard fasteners. The Bolt Biter is available in 8-, 15- or 28-piece socket sets, and it includes special “minus” sizes for removing fasteners worn down past their original sizes. Gearwrench; www.gearwrench.com 

Wheel Loader: More Horsepower

The WA900-8 wheel loader has an operating weight of 128 tons and is designed to load haul trucks in the 70- to 150-ton class range. It is powered by a 899-hp engine, a 5% gain over the WA900-3E0. The engine meets Tier 4 Final emissions standards using a dual-particulate filter system, with no SCR or DEF required. While a backup camera is standard, an optional six-camera system with obstacle alerts and dedicated LCD screen is also available. Komatsu America; www.komatsuamerica.com

Permeable Air Barrier: Adhesive-Free

PERM-A-BARRIER VPS 30 is an air-barrier membrane that does not require a separate primer. Unlike the standard PERM-A-BARRIER membrane, VPS 30 is self-adhesive and can be installed directly on concrete, CMU or exterior gypsum surfaces. The membrane is designed for wall assemblies that require vapor permeability and can be installed with a simple peel-and-stick application to the substrate. GCP Applied Technologies; www.gcpat.com

Rope Ascender: Battery-Powered

The Ronin Lift personal rope ascender is a battery-powered unit capable of lifting up to 400 lb at 2 ft per second. The 28V lithium-ion battery pack can be hot-swapped for continuous use on longer work shifts. The Ronin Lift can also be used as portable winch when configured properly. The rope ascender is designed for use with standard fall-protection and climbing equipment and features a hands-free brake. The Ronin Lift unit weighs 26 lb and features a powder-coated aluminum housing. The device has received CE and ANSI approval. Ronin; www.changeyourelevation.com

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