A collaboration between laser-scanning data capture firms ClearEdge3D and Rithm has resulted in a tool that is able to accurately measure floor flatness while the concrete slab is still wet, allowing pavers to make real-time adjustments.

The team announced the release of the Autodesk Navisworks add-on earlier this year after six months of development work. “We decided to license the IP from [ClearEdge 3D] and build functionality into our platform,” says Phillip Lorenxo, cofounder and chief product developer of StructionSite, which acquired Rithm in 2018. “We always wanted a hardware-neutral platform, a software-neutral platform. Enabling access through Navisworks opens up the doors,” he said in a webinar.

Kelly Cone, vice president of product management at ClearEdge3D, demonstrated how Rithm can be used with any laser scan data. “This gives you the ability to do most of these floor flatness tests in 15 minutes, from scan to finish. You can go through different visual reporting mechanisms like elevation maps and contour lines. You can own that QA process yourself.”

Zoltan Ferenczy, product manager with ClearEdge 3D, said wall heat maps are coming as well. “We will soon be able to monitor changes across scans. Beam and camber analysis will be happening pretty soon as well.”

A debris-analysis function filters out nonrelevant objects, using different colors to visualize elevation changes. “The line work can be exported and given to anyone downstream,” says Ferenczy.

According to ClearEdge3D, the tool can significantly reduce the time needed to produce ASTM E1155 compliant reports on floor flatness and levelness. The tool has achieved 95% confidence within 0.01 in., with more data points, the company adds.