All-terrain Crane: Extended Boom

The LTM 1230-5.1 is a 230-metric-ton-class all-terrain crane with a 72-meter telescoping main boom. The boom is 3 m longer than the earlier model, and the crane also boasts a 20% greater lifting capacity. The crane is engineered around Liebherr’s VarioBase technology, which allows for an asymmetrical support base, with the front of the crane only 7.4 m, while the rear is 8.1 m. This feature allows for a stronger lift chart when working at a longer radius. Liebherr;

Jobsite Camera: Durable Casing

The BCC200 construction site camera boasts an 80-day battery life and a rugged case to withstand the elements. The camera runs off of four AA batteries and can last 80 days in the field when used for time-lapse photography. The camera mounts on a ball head with a quick-release clamp for easy mounting. The camera features a low ISO setting for nighttime photography and HDR support for daylight images. The plastic housing on the BCC200 is dust-proof and weather-resistant. Brinno;

Wheel Loader: Full Joystick Controls

The WA480-8 wheel loader is powered by a 299-hp engine that meets Tier 4 Final emissions standards. A redesigned bucket is able to load more efficiently, resulting in an 8% increase in productivity over the earlier model. The wheel loader’s lockup torque converter works in higher gears to provide optimal engine torque for acceleration, hill climbing and a higher overall top speed. The cab features full joystick steering, which removes the steering wheel for improved visibility during travel. Komatsu America;

Pneumatic Roller: Multiple Wheel Configurations

The CW16 pneumatic roller features nine rubber wheels for a working width of 69 in. An optional 11-wheel configuration brings the working width to 84 in. Depending on the ballast configuration, the roller can have an operating weight ranging from 11,464 lb to 33,000 lb in the nine-wheel configuration or 32,850 lb in the 11-wheel configuration. A tire overlap of 1.25 in. provides even coverage, and each wheel has its own self-adjusting scrapers and spray nozzles. The roller is powered by two 101-hp engines and features an Eco mode to save fuel during transit. Caterpillar;