Laser Distance Measure: Integrated Camera

The Bosch Blaze GLM400CL outdoor laser measure features a 5.0 megapixel camera with 8x zoom to quickly locate a laser target up to 400 ft away. The laser measure is designed to work in sunlight. It has an accuracy of plus or minus 1⁄16 in. and can store up to 50 measurements and 200 images. Data can be downloaded off the device over Bluetooth or via micro USB. Bosch Power Tools;

Track Drill: Narrow Transport Width

The Bauer BG 15 H track drill rig has a drilling depth of up to 69 ft in a single-winch configuration and up to 105 ft of maximum drilling depth. The rig is only 8 ft wide, allowing for easier transport and relocation on tight job sites. It is powered by a 250-hp Caterpillar engine and features the same hydraulic system found in the larger BG 26 track rig. Despite its small size, the track rig can handle up to 13-ft-long drill strings when doing cased Kelly drilling. Bauer;

Total Station: Quickly Realigns to Prism

Two new models of the iCON total station are able to provide Bluetooth connectivity for wireless operation at distances up to 400 meters. The iCR70 and iCR80 total stations feature Leica’s SpeedSearch technology, allowing them to quickly re-find the prism if the line of sight is lost. The iCR80 is designed for work on busy jobsites with many visual distractions and is able to maintain its lock despite multiple reflective surfaces in the environment. The total stations can sync to the Leica CC80 field tablet to integrate survey data into BIM documents. Leica Geosystems;

Circular Saw: Lightweight Tool Brings Corded Power

The M18 71⁄4-in. circular saw runs on Milwaukee’s M18 battery platform and weighs only 9 lb. The circular saw features a brushless motor that delivers 5,000 rpm and can cut through wood products that would normally require a corded saw. The saw features an integrated magnesium shoe and aluminum guards. A built-in LED illuminates the saw’s cutting surface, and a rafter hook allows for easy storage on site. Milwaukee Tool;

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