Tape Measure: Withstands Long Drops

STUD tape measure features highly durable EXO360 tape that is resistant to breaking from repeated folding or twisting. The tape is also abrasion resistent, ensuring it remains legible after extended use. The tape measure’s frame is impact resistant and is able to withstand drops of up to 80 ft. The tape itself is capable of 10 ft of straight standout for easier measurements and features a blade stop to reduces the chance of injury to the user during retraction. Milwaukee Tool; www.milwaukeetool.com 

Excavator: Reduced Tail Swing

The 345G LC excavator has a reduced-tail-swing design, allowing it to operate more easily in confined spaces or on busy jobsites. Slotting into the 33-to-40 metric-ton class range, the 345G LC is powered by a 249-hp diesel engine that meets Tier 4 Final emissions rules without the need for a diesel particulate filter. It features a three-pump hydraulic system for faster cycle times than on earlier models. An auxiliary hydraulic package is available, offering the extra flow needed to drive a wide range of attachments. Deere Construction & Forestry; www.deere.com

Mini Excavator: Updated Machines

Bobcat’s R-Series of mini excavators includes five models ranging in size from two to four metric tons. The lineup includes machines with zero-tail-swing and reduced-tail-swing designs, making them well suited for work around obstacles or on confined sites. Smaller models, such as the E32 or the E26, seen here, are narrow enough to fit through doorways and other entry points, making them well suited for work where site traversal options are limited. Auto-idle and auto-travel functions are standard in the R-Series, as is a blade float function for fine grading work. Bobcat Co.; www.bobcat.com

Truck-Mounted Crane: Three-Axle Configuration

The ATF 60G-3 three-axle, truck-mounted crane, first announced way back at the Bauma 2016 equipment show, is now available for purchase. The 60-ton-class crane is suited for a wide range of lifting applications, and its 10-ton axle-load configuration allows it to travel and perform lifts in locations where there may be weight or height restrictions. With two axles in the front and one in the back, the ATF 60G-3 has room for the engine in the rear, shifting weight to the back for more stable operation. This design also reduces the ambient noise level for the user during driving and operation. Tadano; www.tadano.com

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