Demolition Machine: Improved Power Delivery

The Brokk 110 remote-controlled demolition machine has a 10-ft reach and delivers 15% more power than the earlier model. It weighs 2,183 lb and has a compact profile, allowing it to maneuver through indoor spaces. The machine is only 31 in. wide, allowing it to fit easily through standard doorways. The Brokk 110 runs off electrical power and can automatically adjust its performance when power delivery from a generator is unreliable. Brokk;

Tape Measure: Long Tape in Smaller Housing

Milwaukee’s new compact tape measure features a 25-ft tape in the same size housing as the company’s 16-ft tape measure. The tape measure’s case has a five-point reinforced frame to reduce damage from drops. The tape’s blade has been reinforced with nylon to extend its life and prevent separation from the tape. Milwaukee Tool;

Press Tool: One-Handed Operation

The PEX-One tool allows for one-handed crimps of PEX and other types of small pipe connections. The tool completes the crimp cycle in five seconds and can perform 150 crimps on a single charge. The tool’s slim profile allows it to be used in overhead and cramped spaces. The PEX-One is compatible with ASTM F1807 copper crimp-ring fittings as well as Viega PureFlow fittings. RIDGID;

Wheel Loader: Aggregate-Handling Model

The 844K-III wheel loader has been designed for aggregate-handling applications. The machine can load out 24 tons of non-heaping, lower- density material in only two passes to on-road dump trucks. It is powered by a 380-hp, 13.5-liter Deere PowerTech engine that meets Tier 4 Final emissions standards. To extend maintenance intervals, the hydraulic system on the Series III replaces much of the standard hosing with steel tubes, and additional bulk heads reduce friction on the remaining hoses. Deere Construction & Forestry Division;

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