Fireproofing Pump: Large Capacity

The Toughtek F800e pump is designed for the application of fireproofing materials. The pump boasts a 45-gallon capacity and is able to spray up to 40 bags of cementitious material per hour. The F800e weighs 385 lb and is small enough to be maneuvered around tight jobsites. The control box features a variable speed control and a remote start-and-stop function. Graco;  

Trailer Hoist: Durable Design for Heavy-Duty Hauling

The TH-14 Trail Hoist is designed for heavy-duty hauling applications. It is built from high-strength steel tubing and bracing, with 14-gauge steel tread fenders. With two 7,200-lb drop shaft axles and dexter tandem axle spring suspension, the TH-14 can carry loads over 12,000 lb. It features a 12-hp Honda engine with a dual-reeving system for the winch cable for faster cycle times. An adjustable-height front hitch is available with either a 25⁄16-in. ball mount or 3-in. pintle lunette. Wastequip;

Angle Grinder: Bluetooth Integration

The Bosch GWS18V-45PSC EC brushless 41⁄2-in. angle grinder weighs only 4.4 lb and is capable of delivering a no-load speed of 9,000 rpm. The grinder has a built-in display indicating whether it is operating properly or encountering an issue like kickback or binding. It is also able to connect wirelessly to a smart device over Bluetooth for status updates and location tracking. The side handle can be used on the left or right side and features a soft grip to reduce vibration. Bosch;

Rotating Laser: Long-Distance Surveying

RL-H5 self-leveling rotating lasers have a working range of up to 400 meters, allowing for total coverage of a 800-m-dia site. The lasers can provide up to 60 hours of continuous usage with a rechargeable battery pack or up to 100 hours of usage with four standard D-cell batteries. Two models are available in the U.S. market, with the RL-H5A capable of plus or minus 1.5-mm accuracy at 30 m and the RL-H5B capable of plus or minus 1.5 mm at 30 m. Designed for outdoor work, the rotating lasers meet IP66 weatherproofing standards. Topcon Positioning Systems;