Heavy-Haul Trailer: Versatile Setup

The Roller Paver 55CC-RP heavy-haul trailer has a rated capacity of 55 tons and 12.5 ft of deck for transporting heavy equipment, such as roadbuilding equipment. The trailer’s dual kingpin settings allow the trailer’s length to be adjusted to meet 43-ft some states’ kingpin laws without additional permits. The three-axle trailer can accept pin-on axles for loads that require four axles in a row. The rear ramp has a 20.2° loading angle, allowing heavy equipment to be easily loaded. Talbert Manufacturing; www.talbertmfg.com 

Dozer Blade: Power-Angle Tilt Function

The 950K crawler dozer is now available with a power-angle tilt blade, allowing for fine grading work with the heavy-duty machine. The 80,000-lb dozer can be equipped with a 8.6-cu-yd PAT blade, allowing for the blade angle to be adjusted when placing large amounts of material, reducing the need for rework by smaller machines. The 950K is grade-control-ready, and major manufacturers’ machine controls can be easily added. Deere Construction & Forestry; www.deere.com

Bucket Truck: Improved Platform Capacity

The Optima line of bucket trucks boasts up to 1,000-lb vehicle payload capacity, an increase over the Terex Hi-Ranger line. With working heights ranging from 55 ft to 65 ft, the trucks can lift up to one ton when using a jib and winch. The standard work platform has a capacity of 700 lb, which can be increased to 800 lb on the Optima TCX and HRX models. The platforms on the Optima models have 3 ft more of side reach than earlier models’. A two-person, dual-bucket platform is available as an option. Terex Utilities; www.terex.com

Portable Table Saw: Worm Drive for Extra Power

SKILSAW’s 10-in. heavy-duty, worm-drive table saw has a 35⁄8-in.-deep cut, with a 301⁄2-in. rip capacity. The portable saw comes mounted to a collapsible stand, with 16-in. wheels that can travel over uneven surfaces, stairs and slopes without damaging the saw. A dust-ejection system removes dust and debris into a disposal container and can work in tandem with a dust-collection vacuum system. The saw’s precision rack-and-pinion fence system allows for quick adjustments when making exact cuts. The saw is available in two versions, with either a SKILSAW blade or a Diablo blade.  SKILSAW; www.skilsaw.com

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