Light Tower: Durable Lamp Housing

The 120W LED Winchpod light tower can provide 10,800 lumens of illumination. The tower has an adjustable height of 11 ft to 26 ft, with a simple hand-cranked winch for easy setup. Each lamp features 45 LEDs, with side angle boards set at 45° to reduce light spillage. The LEDs are housed in a watertight polycarbonate lens, and the tower is made of powder-coated steel. The tower runs off standard 120V AC power, with a 20-ft power cord included. Larson Electronics; 

Material Feeder: Adjustable Conveyor

The MF2500CS material transfer vehicle is capable of processing up to 4,000 tons per hour of asphalt, concrete, sand and other base materials. The machine can empty a standard 35-ton truckload in 35 seconds, reducing truck cycle times during material processing. The MF2500CS has a working width of only 8 ft, 4 in. and has a maximum transport load of 22 tons. The SwingApp functionality allows the conveyor to swing 55° in either direction, allowing it to be used as an offset material feeder as well. Dynapac North America;

Vibratory Compactor: Can Climb Steep Grades

The SV216D single-drum vibratory compactor is powered by a 154-hp Tier 4 Final engine that boasts improved torque over the engine package used in previous models. The compactor is able to climb grades up to 65%, allowing for greater travel options on busy jobsites. It features automatic vibration control, with dual amplitude vibration and dual frequency vibration options. Case Construction Equipment;

Concrete Sensor: Embedded Device Monitors Curing

The SmartRock2 concrete monitor is able to monitor temperature and strength of concrete during and after the concrete curing process. Designed to be mounted on rebar, the sensor remains inside the concrete during the curing process, providing real-time data wirelessly to an Android or iOS mobile device via a free app. The sensor can register temperatures from -30° C to 80° C with an accuracy of plus or minus 1° C. It has a wireless range of up to 20 ft, with a four-month battery life after installation in concrete. Giatec Scientifc;