Light Tower: Works in High Winds

The WCDE-4X15M-8KW-MHL towable light tower features four 1,500-W metal halide lamps capable of producing more than 600,000 lumens over a wide area. The tower is able to withstand winds of up to 65 mph when at its full, 37-ft height. Powered by a Kubota diesel engine with a 30-gallon fuel tank, the tower can run up to 50 hours continuously without refueling. Larson Electronics;

Bit Extensions: High-Torque Applications

FlexTorq bits from DEWALT are now available in Impact Ready sets for high-torque fastening applications. The bit tips are CNC-machined to reduce the possibility of cam-out when under high torque. The new 21⁄4-in. bits feature an extended zone in the middle of the bit to better transfer optimal torque in hard-joining applications. The new bits can be used with a magnetic screw lock for greater control during joining and fastening. DEWALT;

Cordless Angle Grinder: Bluetooth-Ready

The GWS18V-45C 18V brushless 41⁄2-in. angle grinder boasts a no-load 10,000 rpm and weighs only 5.7 lb. A brushless motor provides the extra power needed for consistent metal cutting. The angle grinder is also compatible with Bosch’s GCY30-4 Bluetooth plug-in module, allowing for wireless logging of performance statistics and maintenance alerts. The user also can program the tool’s soft-startup speed and make other performance adjustments through the Bluetooth module’s smartphone app. Bosch USA;

Telehandler: Load-Monitoring System

The 1644 high-capacity telehandler has a maximum lift capacity of 15,650 lb and a maximum lift height of 43 ft, 7 in. It features JLG’s SmartLoad technology, which can automatically recognize attachments and displays the relevant load chart. It also provides real-time monitoring of loads within the load chart as well as alerts if instability is detected. The 1644 uses hydraulic power to raise the boom but uses gravity to assist in lowering the boom for greater operator control. A rearview camera and rear-end sensor system are available as options. JLG Industries;

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