Gehl took advantage of the World of Concrete spotlight to introduce its new Pilot Series of hydraulic compact track loaders to the construction market.

Operating capacities for the three-model series ranges from 1,850 lb to 2,250 lb at 35% tipping load, with a horsepower range of 69.9 to 74.3. All of the machines feature seat-mounted “pilot-operated” joystick controls and a unique fold-up front door that affords both easier operator access and a lower overall machine height of 83 in., which Gehl claims is lower than comparable machines. Yet there’s still ample space for headroom and a Level II FOPS.

Gehl’s Pilot Series machines also feature the Automatic Track Tensioning feature, which initiates proper track tension when the engine is started and relieves the pressure when the engine is shut off. Along with simplifying routine maintenance, this feature allows for the loader's tracks to be replaced in as little as 20 minutes, according to a Gehl spokesperson. Non-uniform roller spacing provides for a smoother, quieter ride across even the roughest terrain.